$100 coupons available for home improvements

Philadelphia Community Corps, 5200 Unruh Ave., Section J in Tacony, is offering $100 coupons for its store so that people who are at home during the coronavirus pandemic can get the supplies they need to stay busy working on their home or business.

Philadelphia Community Corps is a deconstruction job training nonprofit that teaches people how to take buildings apart and salvage materials for reuse as a way of getting them back into the workforce.

The firm also operates a building material reuse center, or architectural salvage store, called Philly Reclaim that sells the reclaimed building materials to fund the nonprofit.

The Philly Reclaim store has lumber, brick, tile, doors, windows, chairs, desks, tables, paint, toilets, sinks, tools, lights, marble, dishware, vintage goods and antiques.

“We’re going to get through this together. A lot of us feel helpless right now. There’s a lot going on in the world at the moment that we can’t control, but we’re going to focus on what we can. To us, our inventory is architectural treasure, but it’s only stuff, and what matters to us is doing what we can for our community with what we have right now. Times like these are what we’re here for. If we get cleaned out we’ll use the opportunity to organize the warehouse, and then we’ll solicit more building material donations, but currently our new location is positively overflowing with donations,” said executive director Greg Trainor.

Call 267-831-3124 or visit https://bit.ly/2UkmPBY or www.philadelphiacommunitycorps.org. ••