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Free Library has extensive online resources

Like many other businesses and organizations, the Free Library must remain closed to ensure social distancing during the coronavirus health scare. We will reopen as soon as it is safe but meanwhile all of our digital holdings and online services remain available. At a time when we are forced to live more of our lives through screens, I want to remind community members of the Free Library’s extensive online resources.

First of all, if you don’t have a library card number, you can enroll online at freelibrary.org, receive a digital card via email and instantly gain access to all online resources on a smartphone, tablet or personal computer. You can also have your card number emailed if you have an account already but don’t know your library card information. The Free Library no longer charges for late fees and if you owe a fee for lost or damaged materials this will not prevent you from accessing online resources. If you
have difficulty accessing your account, you can send us a message by clicking on the “E-mail Us” link at freelibrary.org.

While schools are closed, parents are looking for educational resources to keep children learning and academically on track. The library provides access to learning material for all age groups at freelibrary.org/ehomework. If you or your child are working on a research project, access to searchable reference books on all subjects is available through Gale eBooks. Go to our databases page and select “Homework Help Study Aids” to browse a list of other resources for elementary school, high school and adult learners. You can continue to access Tutor.com’s homework help live chat service through our website during the closure. Our “online learning” page also features links to test prep, language and computer tutorials and other free online continuing education courses.

For the younger set, you can access Scholastic.com’s Bookflix, a collection of classic storybooks with related non-fiction material. Some of your favorite library staff members are filming read-aloud sessions and posting them on social media. Check out your local
library’s Facebook page to see what your library’s staff has been up to during the closure.

Of course we also have a lot of recreational resources online, including a large collection of fiction audiobooks, ebooks and even digital comics and graphic novels through Overdrive and Hoopla. Kanopy.com is a free streaming video service that includes critically acclaimed movies, documentaries and children’s films. There are also numerous streaming music collections accessible through the “Digital Media” link on the homepage.

I hope these resources can provide a little help to get you through this difficult period. We very much look forward to serving you again in person in the near future.

Peter Lehu
Northeast Regional Library

Jefferson Torresdale is wonderful in every way

I am writing as a lifelong resident of Northeast Philadelphia to tell you how grateful I am that we have a jewel in the healthcare world right here in our midst. Jefferson Torresdale Hospital scores top notch in my book. So far, in 2020, I have had two family members and two dear friends treated there (three different generations) and I cannot speak highly enough of the special care each of them has received. From the doctors, to the nurses, to the sanitation crew, to the administration, and to the volunteers, all were exceptional in the disposition of their duties. They were comforting, accommodating and understanding. In short, they were wonderful.

To the team at Jefferson Torresdale, thank you for all you do. You, and the first responders, are true heroes in my book. Now with the COVID-19 outbreak, we pray that you stay safe and that your families stay safe. Once again, from my entire family, thank you from the bottom of our hearts and may God bless you all.

Mike Driscoll
State Representative

Support Wolf’s anti-fracking veto

Fracking is responsible for a slew of environmental problems in Pennsylvania. These facilities emit massive amounts of pollution that add fuel to the climate crisis and contaminate local drinking water sources, and they are the driving force behind many of our single-use plastic pollution problems. That’s why it was so disappointing that the state legislature — including local state Sens. Christine Tartaglione and John Sabatina and Reps. Joe Hohenstein and Martina White — voted overwhelmingly to give a massive tax break to the fracking and petrochemical industry: House Bill 1100.

Pennsylvania’s ongoing reliance on fossil fuels and practices like fracking wipe out any strides taken in recent years to reduce the types of emissions that are driving the climate crisis. Voters expect our elected officials to work to tackle climate change and pollution from plastics, not give huge handouts to polluters.

For too long, we’ve propped up industries that harm our health and our environment. It’s time we put Pennsylvanians first. With Gov. Wolf having vetoed HB1100, I hope that Sen. Tartaglione, Sen. Sabatina, Rep. Hohenstein and Rep. White will choose to side with thw governor and vote with their constituents’ health and the environment in mind and support this veto.

Kelly Flanigan

Trump doing a great job

In the recent letters to the editor, March 25, page 12, I have gotta thank Fred Wollner of Holmesburg for his fantastic opinion on the “do-nothing” Democrats in office for the last four years.

No matter which party controls the offices, neither Republicans nor Democrats do anything. The Democrats have promised to work with the Republicans: immigration, healthcare, infrastructure, Social Security, etc. The Democrats for the last 31⁄2 years have been working to get Trump out of office. Enough already. Start working together to continue to make America stay great.

Since Donald J. Trump took office, unemployment has dropped, the stock market has gone up like a rocket, old laws have become new again, etc.

It’s also time for any lifelong politician to get out of office: Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, etc. We need some fresh, young-blood politicians voted in, as they bring fresh new ideas into the fold.

No office should ever be held for life. And once again, we need term limits, including the Supreme Court.

Philadelphia is a Democratic city. It takes a lot to pen an article to “Keep On Trumpin’.”

Stacie Ruehling

A waste of money

Gee, Council votes itself a $400,000 slush fund. I’m shocked. Don’t let a disaster pass without making money. Maybe while they are meeting, they can address the concept of “essential employee.” It seems the city has a problem determining who is needed and who is not. So it decided to pay half the workforce time and a half even if they are working from home.

Richard Donofry
East Torresdale

With COVID-19 dominating the headlines, day-to-day activities that were simple are now being considered potentially hazardous and more difficult to accomplish. Safe, reliable transportation is always important but even more so in a time of national crisis. Some of the most vital parts of your vehicle are its tires.

Jack Mobile Tire is introducing a mobile tire installation solution that will keep the public and their vehicles safe during the COVID-19 crisis. Jack Mobile Tire provides area residents with a clean, hands-free, social-distancing, approved solution to getting new tires on your vehicle. Mobile tire installation and repair services are conducted in a proprietary designed and self-contained hi-tech van using state-of-the-art equipment and tools. “We basically figured out how to stuff a full tire shop in a van,” said Ray Hartzel, a mobile technician at Jack’s.

Deemed an essential business, Jack Mobile Tire will remain open during the pandemic and continue to support customers and the community at home, work or anywhere. Tire replacement and repair services will be needed during the pandemic to help first responders, delivery fleets, grocery workers, people aiding elderly and sick and just about anyone needing to move around safely. “We created Jack as a solution to help cut down on the hassle of getting tires installed and repaired, people are always looking for new ways to save time and make life easier,” said Jason Williams, “Now with the pandemic and people staying home and social distancing, safety and being contact-free are more important than saving time, plus you don’t have to leave your house.”

Jack Mobile Tire brings the expertise and inventory of a tire shop to you. Quality service and repair delivered by quality technicians. With the Jack Mobile Tire contact-free process, there is little to no interaction between consumer and technician. Consumers can order tires online, schedule an installation time and make payments, and Jack Mobile Tire comes to you for a change.

Jack Mobile Tire started its operation at the end of 2019. Jack Mobile Tire is a subsidiary of Jack Williams Tire Company Inc. Pennsylvania based, Jack Williams Tire Company operates 36 retail tire and auto service locations located throughout eastern and central Pennsylvania. Jack Williams Tire is bringing over 90 years of experience with tires to its mobile division and is changing the way you order and have tires installed on your vehicle. Jack Williams Tire is Pennsylvania’s trusted tire resource and advocate for auto safety in the region with its commitment to “doing things the right way, The Williams Way.” Jack Mobile Tire installation is the premier mobile tire replacement and repair solution operating in the Greater Philadelphia, Lehigh Valley, Harrisburg-Lancaster and Wilkes-Barre/Scranton markets.

Please visit JackMobileTire.com or email info@jackmobiletire.com for more information. Phone: 833-571-5225.

Anthony Lucci

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