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Presentation BVM staff hold “Pres Pride Parade”

Though all Pennsylvania schools will stay closed through the end of the academic year, Presentation BVM administration and staff want to keep the sense of community alive and well among students and families.

On Friday afternoon, faculty and staff held a “Pres Pride Parade,” starting in the church parking lot and going through the streets of Cheltenham, Lawndale and Burholme.

Staff members’ cars were decorated with balloons and signs, honking horns as they drove along blocks such as Martins Mill, Oakley, St. Vincent, Montour and Longshore.

Students, families and dogs stood curbside shaking pom-poms and holding signs such as “I Love Pres BVM,” “Presentation BVM Bulldogs” and various shout-outs to retiring principal Marianne Garnham. Garnham has been principal at Presentation for five years and 30 years in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. ••

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