Letters to the editor

We’re paying the price for impeachment debacle

I read the long recent letter published in the NE Times bashing President Trump over his handling of the coronavirus crisis.The letter left out a lot.

I won’t even list all the failures in pandemic awareness at the state and local level (including elected officials who giddily urged people to eat out in their Chinatowns, as the virus spread).

We should remember that while the virus was exploding in China, the president and his staff were being hounded by a long impeachment process that was flimsy at best.

I worked for several mayors of Philadelphia, and saw how they and their team could lose focus over false political or media accusations. Trump has had to wade through three years of non-stop and often absurd (colluding with Putin?) accusations. It had to be exhausting.

There is a price to be paid when we waste the attention of our leaders (and burn out their staff) over fake charges — so that less time and energy are available for emerging problems.

Could it be that the folly of January impeachment will cost us many lives in April? Then, who is to blame?

Richard Iaconelli


Thank you, but …

Food was donated to our apartment building and it was very kind that people are thinking and doing something to help us seniors. The only disappointment is that the expiration date on the food was either cut off or expired. Needless to say, we were all very concerned about this issue and we had to put it into the disposal, as we could not take a chance that it would make us sick.

Truly, we are very appreciative of the gesture but please send us food that we can eat.

Patti Wirsz


No such thing as do-nothing Democrats

In response to Fred Wollner and Stacie Ruehling, for your information, folks, the Democratic-led House of Representatives has sent over 400 pieces of legislation over to the Senate, and the real do nothing of Washington, D.C., Mitch McConnell. Most are still sitting on his desk. Out of all of those bills, he’s brought only 70 to the Senate floor for a vote. Many of the bills still sitting on his desk are bipartisan issues.

Tough votes for many incumbent Republican senators that may put them in jeopardy. As usual, McConnell puts party above the people. And as usual, Trump comes up with the catchphrase “do-nothing Democrats” to deflect from the truth. And his minions and Fox News adopt it as the truth.

The real truth is the Democrats were able to get a lot of work done while pursuing impeachment. The only one doing nothing is Mitch.

David Chester


City money mismanagement during pandemic

What do you think the chances are of Trump responding to Kenney? Every chance Kenney gets, he takes a shot at Trump. Maybe if Kenney handled the employees and finances better, he wouldn’t have to be begging for money. Out of his own mouth, he stated the city has no concept of who is an essential employee. Because of that, the city had half of its employees considered essential. As of less than two weeks ago, they were still paying crossing guards $14.80 an hour for 20 hours a week. Meanwhile, the schools have been closed since March 13. How many other employees are in the same position? Kenney has opened many offices and positions since he became mayor, many of them coming with a big price tag. These offices should have been working with skeleton crews since day one. Actually, some should be closed, maybe forever. Kenney and City Council stole the soda tax money from its projects and put it in the general fund. When this environment comes to an end, there is going to be hell to pay, and Kenney won’t have the guts to make the cuts or he will make the cuts in the wrong place to placate his buddies, like Johnny Doc.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

Childcare, pre-k programs need help

We need Pennsylvania lawmakers to make childcare and pre-k providers a top priority in any stimulus package passed — our families and our economic recovery are counting on them.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, most childcare centers and pre-k programs have been required to shut down. Childcare and early education programs have always operated on the slimmest of margins. Projections are that one-third to one-half of the childcare programs across the state will never recover from this loss and will be permanently shuttered.

However, in order for businesses to reopen, families will need childcare more than ever in order to help restore our workforce and economy. If childcare and pre-k centers are closed too long without some sort of stimulus, they may never be able to reopen.

Marion Brown

Childcare Licensing Consultant


A way to save city money

Mayor Kenney is looking for places to cut his budget due to the coronavirus.

Here is my suggestion: Lay off the entire DA’s office under Krazy Krasner and see if anything changes.

Mayer Krain

Modena Park


No gun sales during pandemic

COVID-19 has affected the world. Has affected our daily routine. Restaurants, bars, small as well as big box stores have been forced to close.

The one thing that does stand out is that people are able to purchase guns.

Is this due to our constitutional right to have a weapon? What if this gun is being purchased for someone who wants to steal or kill. It is shocking, plus an insult to any place of business that has lost thousands of dollars a day keeping their doors closed. What a disgrace.

Marie Patton

Fox Chase