A very happy 55th birthday to Pam Galone

Pam Galone’s family organized a special birthday bash for her.

The fire department’s Engine 18 on Sunday led a 27-car caravan down the 8000 block of Colfax St. in Winchester Park to celebrate Pam Galone’s 55th birthday.

Pam’s birthday was on Monday, but a threat of rain moved up the celebration by a day.

Pam leads an active life. She competes in Special Olympics bowling and bocce, takes dance classes, plays the piano, cheers on the Eagles, spends time with family and friends, goes to the beach and plays Wheel of Fortune tournaments at casinos.

Pame wore a “Birthday Girl” pin, and her lawn was decorated with signs and balloons.

The trip started in the St. Jerome Parish parking lot. Engine 18, with its lights and sirens on, made two trips down the street. Neighbors and family followed in their cars, giving Pam cards and gifts. She thanked them by handing out Hershey bars. Some kids rode their bikes in the parade, while other Colfax Street neighbors came out of their houses to join the party.

Later, Pam and her family celebrated with two birthday cakes and a special dinner.

Joining Pam were her parents, Carmen and Lorraine; her sister and husband, Lynn and Greg, and their daughter, Natalie; and her brother and his wife, Joseph and Caroline, and their daughter, Josephine. ••


Pam Galone’s friends from across the street helped celebrate her birthday.

Pam Galone is excited that Engine 18 drove by her house to celebrate her birthday.
Friends from neighboring blocks stopped by to wish Pam Galone a happy birthday.
Pam Galone with her parents, Carmen and Lorraine.
Pam Galone thanked people for driving by her house by handing them Hershey bars.