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Baseball and softball club keeps kids active

Coach Mike Tomlinson is running a baseball and softball exercise club to keep boys and girls in practice for next year’s season. LOGAN KRUM/TIMES PHOTO

A local coach is running a baseball and softball club to keep kids who would be missing out on a year of development at the sport active and engaged during the shutdown.

Mike Tomlinson, coach at Cavalry Chapel of Philadelphia, is hosting a weekly baseball and softball practice and exercise group at Pennypack on the Delaware. The activity keeps the kids engaged while playing on the field keeps them distanced from each other.

“Kids who played last year were disappointed they lost the entire season playing this year,” Tomlinson said.

The practice will keep kids in form for when they rejoin the sport next year.

Everybody who shows up to play is welcome. Girls ages 10-12 meet Tuesday nights at 6, and boys ages 7-11 meet Thursday nights at 6. The club will run through the end of June. ••

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