Community donates supplies to FOP, National Guard

Volunteers collected supplies for the National Guard and the FOP in the Leo Mall parking lot last week. From left to right: Felicia Toska, Emily Dones, Officer Jose Dones, Geri Karnonik, Amy McCaffery and Officer Cinnamon Smith. LOGAN KRUM/TIMES PHOTO

Last week Red State Farm agent Jay Ems and volunteers organized a donations collection to support the National Guard and the FOP.

Volunteers Felicia Toska, Emily Dones, Geri Karnonik and Amy McCaffery set up a tent in the Leo Mall parking lot to collect snacks, water and more. After spreading the word on social media, several truckloads full of supplies were donated.

“They work 14 hours a day and due to the protests, even more,” said Toska.

Members of Somerton community Facebook pages where the pickup was hosted were especially receptive, Toska said.

“Our husbands are out in the fields and there are women behind the badge who have really stepped up to make sure everybody is getting the resources they need, especially in this community,” Dones said.

Leftover supplies were distributed to police districts across the city. ••

The volunteers receive a donation from a UPS driver. LOGAN KRUM/TIMES PHOTO