Tool-sharing resource available

Tacony Tool Library, 5200 Unruh Ave., is a tool-sharing resource for the greater Philadelphia community.

Launched on July 1 by Philadelphia Community Corps at Philly Reclaim, the 20,000-square-foot building material reuse center is a place where people, once members, can borrow tools for free.

Donations are accepted here:

Tacony Tool Library is a community resource for homeowners, small businesses and DIYers who need tools to complete projects, but can’t afford to, or don’t want to, spend the money a new tool. Not everyone needs to own tools year round, but lots of people find themselves needing the right tool for a specific job sometimes, and that’s when people can turn to Tacony Tool Library.

Anyone can join by creating a profile through Tacony Tool Library’s online portal at Once joined, members can browse the inventory of tools online or in store. Members will also be able to schedule a time slot through the website to pick up their reserved tools, and they can borrow up to eight tools at a time. Tacony Tool Library has a variety of tools available.

“In my experience, there’s never a good time to take on a big new project, only bad times, and of all the bad times, the best time to start is as soon as possible,” said Greg Trainor, executive director of the Philadelphia Community Corps. “We had originally planned to launch Tacony Tool Library earlier this spring, but obviously coronavirus set us back. We don’t want to wait too long, though, or keep kicking this can down the road, so we’re going to keep this momentum going forward with a soft launch. In the coming months, there will be a grand opening with whatever kind of event we are allowed to have at that point, but for now I think the important thing is to get started. We already have a lot to offer Tacony Tool Library members.”

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