Letters to the editor

Homeless need help

This pandemic and social unrest sets off an alarm to the fact that the homeless are an afterthought. The looting that occurred resulted in boarded-up and closed stores. The homeless relied on these businesses and libraries for bathrooms and places of socialization. Why isn’t there a service available to help these NE Philly folks?

There are different reasons people are homeless. Among them are mental health issues, financial hardships and drug dependencies. Where is the help we need here?

Randi Goldberg


The flag flies in Fox Chase

Many thanks to Brian Elliot Shumsky for posting American flags here in the Fox Chase area. I will make sure that our flags fly freely here on the 7900 block of Ridgeway Street.

Chuck Mathues

Fox Chase

Honor the real heroes

How quickly we went from great gratitude to pure absurdity.

Just a month ago, we were honoring the heroes on the frontline, the essential workers who worked around the clock while the rest of us were quarantined in the comfort of our homes.

The nation applauded and thanked our nurses, doctors, emergency responders, fire and of course our police force who kept the law and order and safeguarded us during the pandemic lockdown.

And now, they want to get rid of the police. And what’s more absurd is that the NFL wants to put names of victims of police brutality on players’ helmets or on their jerseys.

How about honoring the names of the police officers who risk their lives in the frontline everyday for us and our communities:

Office Charles Cassidy, who was shot in a Dunkin’ Donuts robbery.

Officer Gary Skerski, shot during a robbery in a neighborhood bar.

Officer Robert Wilson, a black officer, shot at a GameStop.

The five Dallas officers who were ambushed and killed in 2016.

And of course Calvin Munerlyn, the security guard, who was shot at a dollar store during the pandemic.

How quickly the nation forgets the real heroes who deserve the real recognition.

Al Ulus


Catholic, charter schools > public schools

Isn’t it amazing that the Catholic and charter schools were up and running with schooling on March 16, three days after the schools closed. Meanwhile, the school district’s head was spinning. They had no plan how to continue  the school year. It basically took them six weeks to come up with a plan to start schools on May 5. After six weeks, the kids think they are on summer break. You have lost their interest. They have the audacity to start blaming the internet companies. Comcast (not one of my favorites) offered two free months service. It’s up to the parents to contact them. So put the onus where it belongs. The Catholic and charter schools are better organized and not buried with an obscenely obese bureaucracy.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

Mayberry’s mayor and police chief

After 22 days of burning, destruction, looting and rioting, it can’t get any worse, but it does.

Lacking a strategic plan for deployment to safeguard and protect businesses, small store owners, police vehicles and citizens, who does our mayor and police chief apologize to? Looters, arsonists and everyone else who destroyed our city.

And they did it by looking at footage from the progressive New York Times. Who is looking at footage of the looters and arsonists? How many have been identified and arrested?

Who gets arrested and demoted by our police chief? You guessed it, a deputy police commissioner and inspector.

As the Widow Tillane said to Red Will Danaher in The Quiet Man, “Have you lost what little sense you have?” Yes!

Michael Hartey