9 coronavirus cases at Tacony church

The city Department of Public Health is investigating an outbreak of COVID-19 at the City Reach Philly Church at 6814 Torresdale Ave. in Tacony.

Nine members of the church from at least five different households have tested positive for the coronavirus thus far, though the health department believes the number of people who are infected is higher. This outbreak was identified through ongoing health department case investigation and contact tracing efforts.

Of the nine members who tested positive, the first showed symptoms as early as Aug. 6. Health department staff have received lab results and interviewed six of the cases associated with this church in the last two days.

In-person services have been suspended since Aug. 13. Because of the demonstrated potential for wide spread of COVID-19 during church services, the health department is working to identify contacts of those who have tested positive.

Parishioners and staff at the City Reach Philly Church should consider themselves exposed to COVID-19 if they attended a service in August. They should quarantine themselves from others for 14 days and monitor for symptoms. ••