GBCL hires professionals to look at UPS distribution center documents

Following the CDR meeting with the developer of the incoming UPS project at 1 Red Lion Road, the GBCL is tapping into its savings account to hire a traffic engineer and environmental attorney to examine the project.

Image via UPS

Greater Bustleton Civic League discussed a recent Civic Design Review meeting and listened to a zoning presentation in its teleconferenced September meeting.

Representatives presented details about the 1-million-square-foot UPS distribution center expected to begin operations in 2022 at 1 Red Lion Road. During the public comment section, about 20 people, including Bustleton residents, voiced concerns about the project, including noise, pollution and traffic impact, and also lack of communication from the developer.

The CDR committee recommended the developers have further discussion with the community before returning.  The developer is in the process of scheduling three meetings with the GBCL, Somerton Civic Association and Sandmeyer Lane businesses. These meetings will be held virtually and open to the public. None are scheduled yet.

GBCL has hired a traffic engineer and environmental attorney to examine the project materials. No money has been spent yet but money will come from the GBCL’s savings account. A local business said it would match the fund dollar for dollar.

“We all want to confirm this project won’t create an environment that is unsafe for us,” said GBCL president Jack O’Hara.

In zoning news, a commercial property at 9415 Bustleton Ave., between Midas Mufflers and Eppies Tires, requested a variance for two housing units, which are not allowed in the zoning code. The owner proposed transforming the unused commercial space on the first floor into a business and professional office. The project received a zoning refusal because of two housing units on the second floor, which have been there legally for years.

During the discussion, neighbors expressed a desire for the corner property to be kept clean, saying its present state detracts from the neighborhood. The ZBA hearing is Oct. 6.

Neighbors voted in near-unanimous opposition to last month’s zoning presentation, which discussed a too-large shed built in the backyard of a home at 9566 Walley Ave. The ZBA approved the zoning with a proviso that only household items can be kept in the shed, after neighbors voiced concerns it would be used as a store or something similar.

Meetings will continue to happen the fourth Wednesday of every month via teleconference for the foreseeable future. O’Hara said he hopes to incorporate a video element for the upcoming Oct. 28 meeting. ••