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A donation to benefit lung cancer patients

From left: Dr. Hossein Borguaei, social worker Lisa Etkins, Beth Solomon and husband John Matthews.

Ride Hard Breathe Easy last week made a $20,000 donation to Fox Chase Cancer Center.

The Oct. 1 donation was followed a day later by another $20,000 contribution, this time to Temple Hospital.

The motto of Ride Hard Breathe Easy is, “Chasing down a cure for lung cancer, 1 mile at a time.”

CEO John Matthews founded the nonprofit in memory of his mom, Kathleen, who died of lung cancer in 2011.

Matthews explained that the money was raised from donations, along with proceeds from a bicycle ride and a Wine Hard Breathe Easy online event that featured retired basketball great Bill Walton.

The money will help lung cancer patients make car payments, and pay rent and phone bills and transportation costs.

“Fox Chase is such a staple in the neighborhood and community,” Matthews said.

For additional information about Ride Hard Breathe Easy, visit www.ridehardbreatheeasy.com. ••


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