Broad St South Sports Talk has people talking

Angel Martinez (from top, left to right), Michael Fiordimondo and Michael Sherman are having a great time producing Broad St South Sports Talk. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

On the surface, it’s just three dudes talking sports.

In reality, it’s a new show that is getting great feedback and has a lot of people talking.

Broad St South Sports Talk is a weekly podcast that focuses on the four major Philadelphia sports teams. The show has been around for a few months, starting shortly before the NFL season started, and features hosts Angel Martinez, Mike Fiordimondo and weekly contributor Michael Sherman.

It started out as a Facebook project and it didn’t take long for it to take off.

“Angel was doing sports updates on Facebook,” said Fiordimondo, a Father Judge High School grad who lives in the Far Northeast and works in mailroom operations PHMC for the City of Philadelphia. “I would give feedback. This led to conversations. From there, Angel and I became friends on Facebook. Angel told me about his vision that he had been thinking about for 10 years.

“He told me about a sports show called Broad St South Sports Talk. It was not even a thought for me to accept the role and become part of the show.”

This fall, the show has had a lot to talk about.

The Phillies aren’t spending money.

The Sixers have rebuilt their roster.

The Flyers are trying to figure out how to improve upon last year’s solid season.

And the Eagles, well, the Eagles have stunk.

“I love being a voice of the sports fan,” said Sherman, a Northeast graduate who now teaches math at Frankford High School. “If people can relate to my passion for sports and I can echo their emotions, then I am doing my job. I love giving sports predictions. I try to back them up with some legitimate sports analysis.

“Sometimes I am right. I predicted that the Eagles would go 4-12 before the season started. I thought that their first-place schedule and their struggling offensive line would be a problem. Sometimes I am way off. In episode 19, I said that there was no way that Carson Wentz would be benched in the second half against Green Bay because Jalen Hurts was too inexperienced to be thrown in a game while the Eagles were still trying to win the NFC East.”

The Eagles winning the NFC East? That ship has sailed. But the podcast is still taking off.

Broad St South Sports Talk has gained momentum every week. Not only have the three mainstays of the podcast brought their unique brand of sports talk to the listeners, they have ahad quality guests, including Derrick Gunn, Tony Bruno, James Seltzer and other football analysts have joined the crew to discuss the Birds.

Guests certainly bring an added element to the podcast, but the three men who are always on have plenty of informed opinions to go around.

“We got involved with sports talk because the three of us, Mike Fuji (Fiordimondo), Michael Sherman and myself, have had a desire to talk sports rather than just more of an inner circle,” said Martinez, a graduate of Thomas Edison High School who now lives in Florida and works as a telecommunication technician. “Sports talk has grown so much in the last century that you want to inform people of how your local team is doing and keeping your most harsh critics, friends and family, well informed.”

The show is there to entertain the listeners, but it’s fair to say the guys providing the entertainment have a fun time themselves. Often, that’s what makes the shows more enjoyable for the listeners, and without a doubt, these guys have a good time providing the entertainment.

“Working with Angel and Mike is a blessing and a privilege,” Fiordimondo said. “I couldn’t ask for two better people to work with. They inspire me to become better at my job with each show. With Angel, I feel like I have known him my whole life. Our rapport clicked instantly. I believe in Angel as a mentor as he has taken me under his wing. Angel is like a brother and a mentor.”

Martinez, Fiordimondo and Sherman are all appreciative of all the support they’ve received during their time doing the show, particularly from family and friends, and they hope the show continues to thrive and they continue to get more listeners.

“Broad St South Sports Talk will be a household name one day,” Martinez said.”Even if it takes several months or years. You don’t give up on your dreams. At the age of 50 when someone tells you you’re too old to start something new. I don’t believe that. I live by my own motto, ‘You are the only one holding you back.’ ”