A Greeby Street Christmas

Councilman Bobby Henon honored the Stabler family with a citation and arranged for a sign recognizing the 4200 block of Greeby Street’s commitment to Christmas decorations.

City Councilman Bobby Henon was on the 4200 block of Greeby St. in Tacony on Friday night, presenting a citation and unveiling two metal signs.

The citation honored Mark and Colette Stabler for encouraging neighbors beginning in 1997 to go all out in decorating their houses for Christmas, and mentions a past partnership with the Salvation Army.

A new street sign reads “Stabler Holiday Way.”

A sign on the corner reads, “On this block of Greeby Street, residents, led by the indomitable Stabler family, have kept the holiday spirit alive. The residents of Greeby wish all who travel here a very Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season!”

From left: Bobby Henon, Marine Corps Reserve’s Marquis Myers, Tom Schooley.

The Stablers recently moved and passed the torch to Tom Schooley, who said 41 of the 46 houses on the block are decorated. He promised that the five holdouts would be on board in 2021.

There are several Toys for Tots boxes on the block, and the Marine Corps Reserve’s Marquis Myers was on hand for Friday’s festivities.

The street features outdoor lights on houses and trees, blow-up figures and wreaths, ribbons and red and white wrapping on utility poles.

The 4200 block of Greeby is between Erdrick and Walker streets. There are photos on the Greeby Street Christmas page on Facebook.

Residents also welcome people to walk or ride up the street to enjoy the decorations. ••

Mark Stabler (left) and Bobby Henon under a new sign that reads “Stabler Holiday Way.”
From left: Bobby Henon, Marine Corps Reserve’s Marquis Myers, Mark Stabler.