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Bologna strong

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DA Krazy Krasner strikes again. He has to go in the upcoming elections.

He charged a well-loved and respected police inspector with several criminal charges that were dismissed for lack of evidence.

The recently appointed police commissioner also failed to defend her management staffer.

It is a shame for all Philadelphians that three of our highest leaders, Mayor Kenney, DA Krazy Krasner and the police commissioner, can’t do their jobs properly and are morons.

Mayer Krain

Modena Park

Say the Pledge

I am a senior citizen. A long time ago, I remember being in classrooms during my formative years. The students started every day by standing, facing the flag, placing their hands over their hearts and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Does anyone else remember this? It might not be a bad idea for every American to start the practice up again.

Dorothy Fort


Democrats, media are hypocrites

How do you spell hypocrisy? Give me a *H* *Y* *P* *O* *C* *R* *I* *S* *Y*

First, all the persons who breached the U.S. Capitol should be arrested, prosecuted and sentenced to the fullest extent of the law for their actions on Jan. 6. No excuses are viable, feasible or practical.

But what did we find out that unforgettable day? The Democrats despise looting, the Democrats loathe destruction of federal property, the Democrats are against mob violence, and the Democrats support the police.

Also, going back to Jan. 6, 2017, when then-Vice President Biden presided over a joint session of Congress to officially count Trump’s electoral vote certification, Biden was interrupted 11 times by Democratic members of Congress objecting to the various problems with the voting process.

How do you spell hypocrisy? Give me a *D* *E* *M* *O* *C* *R* *A* *T* *S*

When the protesting in Seattle, Portland, Philly, New York and other cities became violent, the media reported that there were spots of violence, but most were peaceful protesters expressing their First Amendment rights. On Jan. 6, the media did not describe any demonstrators as peaceful protesters voicing their First Amendment rights. Protesters were called a mob, looters, extremists and anarchists, to name a few. I was wondering how all those thousands of Trump supporters all fit into the Capitol building?

Again, how do you spell hypocrisy? Give me a *M* *E* *D* *I* *A*

Joe Nadolski

Academy Gardens

Trump is no hero

Trump didn’t cause COVID-19 but he tried to brush it off as a Democratic hoax and it would be gone by the summer. He said it was no worse than the regular flu. Tell that to the frontline workers. Maybe if he had listened to the medical experts and not his phony yes men who didn’t have the backbone to tell him he was wrong, some deaths could have been avoided. The only reason he pushed Fauci out was because Fauci was telling the truth and he was lying. He has to be the center of attention. And how about him making America great again? How did that work out? At one time we had some respect in the world but now we are the laughingstock of the world. We no longer have any true friends in the world.They tolerate us because of our economic ties. Trump didn’t all at once make the economy go up. The economy has been going up since 2009. After the crash in 2008 it had nowhere to go but up. Don’t confuse the stock market with the economy. The stock market is controlled by 10% of the wealthy people in this country. He is a liar and is guilty of inciting a riot and insurrection. He told his people to attack the Capitol and then went and hid in the White House while it caused five people’s deaths. It makes me sick to my stomach to see military personnel saluting a moral midget and draft dodger like him. As a veteran I guess it was good he wasn’t in the service because I wouldn’t want him watching my back. He doesn’t love America or he wouldn’t have divided and destroyed it. Our national debt increased in four years by $7.8 trillion. At least $1.5 trillion was for the tax breaks for the rich and large corporations. Our children and grandchildren will have to pay that debt. The tax cuts for big corporations were supposed to be for expansion and hiring. A lot of it was used to buy back their own stock and give bonuses to their top people. It will be the poor and middle class who pay for that debt. The only increase in jobs before the pandemic was low-paying service jobs. Have overall wages increased? More lies. My meaning of a hero is the brave Republicans who finally got a backbone and voted to impeach him. And also the brave cops at the White House. Did it help our front-end heroes by laughing at the use of masks and social distancing? It is a slap in the face to our frontline workers to call Trump a hero.

Vince Mosiniak


Government takeover?

The recent violence that took place without doubt was shocking and disgusting  To think that people were killed and many others were injured.

Was this action really about the president or was it about wanting to take over the government? The question being, what has happened to America?

Marie Patton

Fox Chase

Act responsibly

I think it is reasonable to expect our elected officials to act responsibly. Here a question for the eight Republican Pennsylvania lawmakers who refused to accept the results of what the courts say is a legitimate election. Are you acting responsibly when you continue to mislead us, your constituents, by saying our election was rigged with no evidence to back up you claim? The profoundly serious consequence is that you have caused irreparable damage to our system of government by undermining people’s confidence in our democracy. This is the opposite of what you were elected to do. Shame on you for failing us, the people who voted you into office.

Tom Sexton


Trump will not be missed

I keep hearing these folks say all the great things Trump has done in four years and you are going to miss him. What has he done but create discord and chaos? Few presidents have left office with so little accomplished, impeached and disgraced. Trump took a lot of credit for the economic growth of his first three years, but the economy was already growing strongly when he took office. Pick a measure, almost any measure, and the trajectory of his first three years was identical to that of Barack Obama’s final three years: unemployment, manufacturing, wages, you name it. And whereas Obama passed a successful economy to Trump, Trump bequeaths his successor Joe Biden with a trainwreck.

David Chester


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