Learn more about women’s health

Top left: Dr. Chani Yondorf. Top right: Julie Hensler-Cullen, Bottom: Dr. Lisa Jablon.

Einstein Healthcare Network and Politz Hebrew Academy recently held a free community virtual Women’s Health Symposium.

Members of the community joined the event to hear the latest information in obstetrics and gynecology and how to prevent Jewish genetic diseases from Einstein OB/GYN Dr. Chani Yondorf; in breast health from Dr. Lisa Jablon, director of Einstein’s breast program; in genetics from Dr. Susan Gross, chief medical officer, Cradle Genomics; in disability etiquette from registered nurse Julie Hensler-Cullen, director of MossRehab’s quality and education; and Stop the Bleed training from registered nurse Cathy Markey.

This recorded presentation has been made available to the public and is available by clicking here. ••