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Letters to the editor

Media spread Democrat misinformation 

Mr. Biden has taken over a divided nation. The division was exasperated by misinformation. The misinformation was perpetrated by both sides. The media and the Democrats won’t admit they contributed to the misinformation. You had the fake Russian investigation and anything attached to it lasted almost 4 years, and it was a complete lie. Because of the Democratic misinformation, you can’t believe a word the leaders of the Democratic Party and the intelligence agencies say. From the first day of Trump’s campaign, the Democratic Party’s agenda was to lie, cheat and steal so they could end his presidency. The media played an extremely big role in the Democratic misinformation campaign, to the point the writing was so biased it was unreadable. There is enough to go around, so let’s blame everyone and not be so one sided.

Richard Donofry 

East Torresdale 

No more voting for Dems

I’m one of the remaining veterans of World War II. I was born in a multi-national and racial neighborhood. 

We all thought that Hoover was responsible for the  Depression. 

When I reached voting age, I registered and voted Democrat. While attending Cornell University, studying American history, my early views changed. 

Herbert Hoover was elected because his opponent, Al Smith, was Catholic. 

From that point, all of my votes were cast for whom I regarded as the best qualified, not party affiliation. When Bill Clinton signed NAFTA, I changed my registration. 

Because of my dislike of the Clintons, I voted for Trump. 

I always had respect for a winning candidate in spite of party affiliation.

Millions of people feel that the election was stolen. Pennsylvania is one of the suspected states. As a result, I’ll never feel that Biden is our president. I have very little time for future elections. 

The way I feel today, I’ll never vote Democrat again.

Walter Blowitski 


Pelosi needs God’s help 

We had watched them all summer, so we are all  familiar with their mode of operation — destroying and looting the personal property of local businesses and beating up on innocent citizens as well as the police and killing many of them. They were dressed to fight and prepared with tools to destroy. While some were arrested, most were released. Yet, neither Biden, Pelosi,  Schumer, Maxine Waters nor the liberal press charged  them with insurrection, nor did they express even one word of criticism over their criminal actions. Please note that for four years, Trump had many rallies, and there was never violence at any of them. Yet, this time the hateful and revengeful Pelosi, without evidence, accuses Trump of insurrection. 

Although many of us may have witnessed or even  experienced, personally, the wrath of the woman  scorned, but never on a national level that we have witnessed these past four years from one Nancy Pelosi in her relentless attempts to take revenge on President  Trump for winning the 2016 election. To satisfy her personal vendetta against him, Pelosi has criminally used over $50 million of our tax dollars investigating President Trump to find out if he committed a crime. She is the one who should be prosecuted, fined and locked up in jail. 

Her attacks have taken on a diabolic nature in that she will never be satisfied. With the support of a liberal press and a Democratic party that has become communist, she wields great power. 

Communism is an evil form of government. It rules by fear and hatred of each other and of God and condemns any practice of religion. Read The Devil and Karl Marx by Paul Kengor. 

However, we must not forget that God is in charge; and most of us are still of the Judeo-Christian heritage on which the principles of our Constitution are based. And He has given us the three tools to get His attention: prayer, sacrifice and almsgiving. Using these tools,  we can ask God to convert, yes, convert the impossible Nancy Pelosi and her cohorts and we can once again be One Nation under God with Liberty and Justice for all.

Helena T. Gaydos 

Holme Circle

Pastoral care 

I want to send a special thank you to Pastor Paul Andell for taking time out of his busy schedule to come up to Warrington to visit my wife and I. When I found out that Pastor Paul was back at St. James, I contacted him and told him about my wife Marilyn battling lung cancer, and the first words out of his mouth were, “What  can I do to help?” We have not seen Pastor Paul in a long time, and he took the time to come up and spend some time with us. We wanted to surprise Marilyn, and I didn’t tell her he was coming, and she was so excited when she saw him. It’s people like Pastor Paul who will put St. James back on the right track. We are looking forward to going to a service at St. James and seeing Pastor Paul again. 

Dan Flanagan


Let’s make this year different 

With the start of a new year comes resolutions. One of the most important and lifesaving resolutions that can be made is to stop yourself and others from drunk driving. MADD (2020) reports that adults drink too much and drive about 121 million times per year – or more than 300,000 incidents of drinking and driving a day. With the ongoing pandemic, people may choose to host small gatherings to maintain community during such unprecedented times. Here are a few tips and guidelines for preventing drunk and drugged driving. Mothers Against Drunk Driving in 2018 reported nationally that there were 108 deaths in a two-day period due to drunk driving in December. This is an alarming number, and it is something that can be prevented with proper planning and responsibility.

Some hosts may choose to provide mocktails for their guests, or the designated driver for the night. Mocktails are a non-alcoholic form of beverage given to designated drivers so that they can remain sober without feeling like an outcast during social events. Designated drivers can still enjoy their time at social gatherings while being socially responsible.  

Hosts who practice social responsibility will collect car/motorcycle keys and will instruct drivers that keys will not be returned if the guest does not pass the sobriety test. The driver will be offered a few choices: Uber/Lyft, or taxi, and return the following day to reclaim their vehicle, or agree to accept the host’s accommodations to remain over until sobriety can be realized.

This year, despite the ongoing pandemic, social gatherings will occur. Those hosting parties or attending social outings must be vigilant and considerate of friends and family members this year by abiding by local pandemic regulations and drunk driving concerns. Remember, the goal is social responsibility. Keep your guests and others in the public safe from drunk drivers. These tools and resolutions can be further maintained during the year. From St. Patrick’s Day to Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and even next Christmas. These tools can be put in place to continue to complete your resolution and to maintain safety throughout the year. 

Taeylor M. Stokes

Shalom Inc.


Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

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