Letters to the editor

Lock him up

It is interesting to hear Gov. Cuomo blame the deaths of the nursing home patients on God.

I guess what we should do is arrest God and put him in jail. The only problem is finding a jail big enough.

After all, God is an immense entity.

Mary E. Golden


Vaccine woes

It’s amazing  that a company (Moderna) that is based in Massachusetts can’t deliver its product on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of last week. The bad weather was in the South and the Midwest. Mr Biden’s rollout seems to have a few bumps in the road. Thankfully, the media won’t chew him up for all these miscues like they would Trump. His vaccinating 1.5M is going to go to the wayside like his 5 days of school went to 1 day. At least he is keeping his special-interest groups happy while Americans are dying waiting for the vaccine. Maybe he should move the National Guard protecting the Capitol to aid at the injection sites.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

Dump Hite

Can’t anyone under Mayor Kenney do their job properly?

So far the list was the police commissioner, the DA and the health commissioner.

Now we must add School Superintendent Hite, who didn’t have money to make the schools safe for asbestos and mold removal.

Hite has so many management people (chiefs, executive directors, directors and managers) at high salaries, he now doesn’t have enough money to properly pay the lowest-paid teachers in the state nor purchase better equipment for COVID safety than some cheap fans.

When his contract is up next year, Hite must go.

Mayer Krain

Modena Park

Vaccine access needed in NE

There is no doubt that the Black Doctors Consortium is providing a welcomed and needed service to Philadelphians. There are even countless NE Philadelphia residents who have ventured from their own neighborhoods to seek the Consortium’s assistance in obtaining the CV-19 vaccines in North and West Philadelphia when no other options seemed available.

Personally, I believe the frustration in our community is that there is no mass vaccine, walk-up opportunities accessible in our ZIP codes for our seniors to avail themselves such as the Black Doctors Consortium provides. This is NOT the fault of the Consortium, but rather a failure by the city or private entities right here in NE Philly to “step up to the plate.” The Consortium is compassionate, well organized and, most importantly, has responded to vaccine requests in a timely and positive manner. We are jealous … this is what WE want also in Northeast Philadelphia.

In the same breath, we do have Councilmember Bobby Henon and the Holme Circle Civic Association providing a great service to our seniors in acting as “matchmakers” in locating vaccine providers for our desperate seniors who have reached out to both. And yes, we now have local hospitals offering the vaccines. However, trying to find a provider on your own has been a nightmare, especially for those seniors without computer skills and who have devoted countless hours re-dialing phone numbers to supermarkets with no success. Seniors add their names to countless “request lists,” not knowing when or even if these requests will be honored. In addition, family members should not have to station themselves at their computers at midnight or 5 a.m. hoping to “snag” a vaccine appointment for their mom or dad from a pharmacy chain, and not knowing if its ultimate location will be miles from their parents’ home.

In the meantime, we watch on the news media the organized administering of vaccines in churches and centers in North, West and South Philadelphia. There is talk of such a planned venue in the parking lot at either the FOP 5 Lodge or at the Plumbers’ Union in NE Philadelphia — this cannot come soon enough. Our seniors deserve better than what they have been experiencing.

Elsie Stevens

Holme Circle

Silence culture strikes again

According to the news, COVID virus cases have reached 100 million worldwide. And here we are today, as Joe Biden makes an executive order to prohibit the use of “China” to identify the virus as the China virus because it is racist against Chinese people.

I repeat, we have 100 million cases, and we must be silent from where it came from after what the world went through for the past year?

The scientific community has always named and identified diseases from their origins: the West Nile virus, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Legionnaires’ sisease, Lassa Fever from Lassa, Nigeria, the Ebola virus from Ebola River in Congo, the Zika virus from Ziika Forest of Uganda, Japanese encephalitis and, of course, the most famous of all, German measles.

But somehow we will offend the Chinese if we call it the Chinese virus? Weren’t the Chinese wearing face masks long before the world started wearing one because of the outbreaks of the Hong Kong flu and the swine flu decades ago?

This is political correctness gone haywire. A silence culture started to silence our speech and to silence our history. A culture that is erasing history by removing statues, renaming high schools by eliminating names of Washington and Lincoln, and getting rid of sports names such as the Redskins and the Braves.

So I conclude that next time for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, are we banned from bringing out our best China for our guests?

Chinese takeout anyone?

Al Ulus


No equity in vaccine distribution

I am so tired of hearing about the necessity of the COVID-19 vaccine going to groups described as “underserved communities.” Do you know what is the most neglected group? Senior citizens, especially those who live in the Northeast. When the city published its first list of vaccine sites, there was only one north of Oxford Circle. The Fev. 21 Inquirer had an article about prioritizing shots in certain ZIP codes. There were also pictures of people, of any age, standing in long lines in the cold and snow at the Liacouras Center all night to get the vaccine, which is being given on a first-come first-served basis. What happened to the state’s priority list? My husband and I both have medical conditions in addition to being in our 80s and are on about 20 lists, for months, for places as far away as Easton and Bethlehem. This is hardly equitable treatment for a group that is deemed to be at highest risk by the CDC.

Romona Flitter