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Peruto wants crack at Krasner

Charles Peruto

The Republican City Committee has endorsed lawyer Chuck Peruto for district attorney.

City party chairwoman Martina White noted that homicides have increased 36 percent this year compared to 2020, when Philadelphia had 499 murders.

“The reign of Larry Krasner and his ‘progressive’ social experiment have been a nightmare for ordinary Philadelphians, and that is best evidenced in the current homicide numbers, which are already up over a third from last year’s record numbers,” White said. “Neighborhoods are screaming out for change as our city is on track to hit 700 murders in a single year, something many of us have not seen in our lifetimes. Now is the time for new leadership, and Chuck Peruto will bring fresh perspective, actual competence and respect for victims back to the office of district attorney, all of which have been gutted by Larry Krasner.”

Krasner, a Democrat elected in 2017, faces former Assistant District Attorney Carlos Vega in the May 18 primary.

Peruto has been endorsed by former District Attorney and state Supreme Court Chief Justice Ron Castille, retired lawman Mike Chitwood and retired police Chief Inspector Joseph Sullivan, among others.

“We are proud to support Chuck Peruto and will be earning the support not just of Republicans – who turned out in record numbers in 2020 – but of independents and Democrats alike, who are similarly disaffected with the social experiment taking place at the city District Attorney’s office, and its bloody results,” White said. ••

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