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Unprepared for the riots

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The powers-that-be Kenney and Princess Outlaw didn’t have a plan in place for a protest of this magnitude. Well, these riots started in Minnesota and slowly worked their way to the rest of the country. It was only a matter of time before they showed up in Philadelphia. They had several days to plan before they hit here. I guess Kenney and the Princess had to get hit with a bat to the head before they would realize it. The city shouldn’t be shocked at the lack of management. There has been no management in this city since “Blame everyone else” Kenney was elected. As far as the tear gas goes, tacit approval was given when everyone was fitted for gas masks. They didn’t have to fit Outlaw because she wasn’t getting out of the car or you just saw her tail lights. Nice pick, Jimmy.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

NE needs vaccine site

Thank you, Elsie Stevens. I couldn’t have said it better myself. We need a mass vaccination site here in the Northeast. Many seniors are not able to travel to North, South, West or Center City Philadelphia in order to get a vaccine.

We have an older adult center on Bustleton Ave. Or what about Elsie’s suggestions of the FOP Lodge or the Plumbers Union hall. We have so many of these potential vaccine sites in our community, now we need politicians and our community leaders to get the ball rolling.

Pat Murphy


The right to free speech

The Philadelphia Protestant Home supports our residents’ right to free speech and encourages thoughtful discussion and involvement in their community, both within PPH walls and in the greater community. Our residents’ personal opinions and statements do not necessarily reflect the policy and position of PPH.

The Philadelphia Protestant Home is a nonprofit continuing care retirement community offering independent living apartments, personal care suites and skilled nursing and rehabilitation.

Located in the Lawndale section of Northeast Philadelphia, PPH’s mission is to provide a caring senior living community that affords its residents the opportunity to achieve their highest possible quality of life. Our vibrant, diverse community creates an opportunity for you to explore joining our family of over 500 residents and 500 staff members. We hope to see you soon.

Philadelphia Protestant Home

Abortion gray area

I think the Jan. 13 excellent response by Rose D’Adamo to my Jan. 6 comments, “Sparing all lives,” published in the NE Times raises many questions about abortion as well as other related topics. First, I do not approach the issue from a religious standpoint. I believe that having an abortion as a convenience devalues life itself and should be discouraged but abortion should not banned in all cases. “Back-alley” coat hanger abortions leading to infection and death were common years ago. Roe v. Wade ended that. No longer were only wealthy pregnant women able to fly to a sanitary Swiss clinic and go skiing the next day. Abortion should never be considered an alternative form of birth control. I am asking the readers to consider a variety of situations.

What if your innocent 14-year-old daughter became pregnant as a result of being raped. She will relive the horror daily as the child grows inside her. Should she be denied the choice of terminating the pregnancy? If your child is ill and is expected to die without medication but your faith says you must refuse the medication and the child dies, should you be held responsible? If a team of doctors determines that your unborn child is missing much of its brain and will certainly die within hours of birth, should the parents be denied the option of abortion?

Jack Kevorkian provided counseling to terminally ill patients. Should people in terrible pain not eased by massive doses of narcotics be allowed to press a lever to dispense medication that would end their suffering so that they could die in peace? Kevorkian was repeatedly jailed for that. He spent 8 years in prison for murder. Was he a saint or a sinner? What would you want done if it were you or a loved one suffering with no hope of recovery? Perhaps the only question that remains is whether one person’s beliefs, religious or otherwise, be allowed to override another person’s decision to end their suffering? Just my opinion. What do you think?

Mel Flitter


Kill the pipeline

A recent letter stated, “ … the stopping of the Keystone XL pipeline would eliminate union jobs and increase our dependence on foreign oil.“ This is not accurate. Many people misunderstand what the impact of this project would be, due to a failure to understand the market dynamics of the industry.

First of all, the Keystone XL is being built to transport Alberta tar sands oil to the gulf coast refineries. Alberta tar sands oil comes from Canada. It is foreign oil.

Secondly, Keystone XL will actually hurt America’s energy independence. Currently, 2/3 of the product (called dilbit, a trade term) coming into the U.S. is refined in the upper Midwest, primarily at refineries around Chicago, Detroit and Cleveland. These are union refineries. The overwhelming majority of the refined products from these refineries is consumed in North America. More than 3/4 of the refined products from the gulf coast refineries is exported. Keystone XL will only benefit corporate interests, not working people looking to support living-wage jobs. Finishing Keystone XL will hurt America’s energy independence.

As a final point, I should state that I am a union pipefitter, Steamfitters LU420, 30-year member, I am proud to say. Finishing Keystone XL will create 3-5 years of work for a couple thousand pipeliners and helpers. But it will cost union trades 20 years worth of work at union refineries that hire union construction trades workers. That seems like a bad deal to me. Let’s keep that sludge getting refined union. Kill Keystone XL.

Anyone wishing to confirm my statements can consult www.oilsandsmagazine.com, an online industry trade journal.

Michael Cahill


Raise awareness of ALS

What can happen in 90 minutes? For some, it might mean watching a good movie. For others, it can mean devastating news. That’s how often someone in America is diagnosed with ALS. On Jan. 22, 2016, I heard those words when I was diagnosed with a rare form of ALS called PLS, primary lateral sclerosis.

Some people may know ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) by its more familiar name, Lou Gehrig’s disease — this fatal disease named for the legendary baseball player who was diagnosed on June 19, 1939. It may be shocking for some to hear that, in all that time, no cure has been found. Only a few drugs have been approved to help with progression or symptoms, and even they offer only minimal benefits.

When faced with a devastating challenge such as this, you can retreat or you can fight. I choose to fight, advocate and participate in research.

My journey: https://alsphiladelphia.medium.com/tenacious-611060c7fa8a.

ALS affects men, women, the old, the young, wealthy or poor. ALS does not discriminate. The time is now to raise awareness, to work with legislators like my congressman, Rep. Brendan Boyle (D-2nd dist.), along with other bipartisan Pennsylvania representatives: Susan Wild, Madeleine Dean, Matt Cartwright and Brian Fitzpatrick, to name a few. Together, we can move policy forward to help every individual impacted by this devastating disease.

Call your local representative today, donate to our local ALS Association Greater Philadelphia Chapter at http://webpa.alsa.org/site/PageServer?pagename=PA_homepage.

Support the research being done at the Jefferson Weinberg ALS Center at

https://hospitals.jefferson.edu/departments-and-services/vickie-and-jack-farber-institute-for-neuroscience/programs/weinberg-als-center.html. Join the I AM ALS movement at https://iamals.org/.

Your participation is vital. It won’t take you 90 minutes, but it can change the world. Thank you.

Christine Moretti


Bring the vaccine to the Northeast

I am very troubled by the lack of COVID-19 vaccine in the Northeast. It seems that everyone has to vie for themself, while there are organized sites in other parts of the city. And being that I live right near Bensalem, my Bucks County friends are getting their shots less than 2 miles away from me easily on Street Road. I have friends who live in the Northeast who have serious health issues who were denied because they were under 75 years old. It seems that Rite-Aid is the only place that is even close to providing the vaccine, however from a distance. For example, my daughter went to Ashland, Schuylkill County in the snow the other day to get her shot. It took her four hours to get home. I was scheduled to have to go to the 215 N. Broad St. Rite Aid on Tuesday, but they rescheduled to Saturday. I am handicapped, and it is a hardship to have to go to Center City and park at a garage. My wife has to go all the way to a Rite Aid in Ardmore. To get these appointments, we have had an angel who stayed up in the middle of the night to go online and try and try again to get a slot.

Harvey Cantor


Defeat Krazy Krasner

In Philadelphia, we have had a drastic increase in the number of shooting victims and deaths during Krazy Krasner’s term in office.

I am sure his supporters will find another excuse for his actions and inactions as DA to say it isn’t his fault.

However, how many criminals have been let out of prison based upon Krasner’s failures that have victimized others while out on the streets?

That is his fault because the police are re-arresting those criminals, and some have several active open cases now.

DA Krazy Krasner has to go, and the Philadelphia Democratic Party bosses should see that it occurs in the spring primary.

Mayer Krain

Modena Park

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