Letters to the editor

Return unaccompanied illegal kids

I am tired of seeing and hearing about all the immigrant children being allowed to enter this country illegally on their own. This must be stopped. Under no circumstances should this be permitted. Immediately upon entering this country, they should be returned to their own country. No way should any child or teenager be allowed in this country on his or her own.

They must be returned immediately, not put in holding places. Perhaps if we start returning them to their own family and country, this illegality will come to a halt. Mr. President, please take note. We have too many of our own children in need of assistance to worry about illegal immigrant children.

Put a stop to it once and for all time. I hope to see this being done as soon as possible. Mr. President, please take note and follow this request. Taking care of our own children should come first, not as an afterthought.

Catherine Jackson


Lots of blame for murders

So in 4 years, we got $9.2 million in grants to reduce the jail population 43%. In the same time, the murder rate has gone up every year, culminating in a 40% increase in 2020. Could there be a correlation to these two percentages? And we can add third and fourth items to the equation: Larry Krasner and James Kenney. Just so she isn’t left out, we can add Commissioner Outlaw. Even though she was only here for one year, it certainly was a banner one.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

Down the drain

Thank you Richard Donofry for a great article in Wednesday’s, 3/24/2021 Northeast Times about the option for parents to have “charter school choice.”

60% of graduating students in Philly is pathetic. No parent or taxpayer should accept this rate.

And speaking of taxpayers, when do I receive my refund for the 2020 school year? There is no way being a resident of Somerton for 26 years should I be liable for school taxes this past year.

Philly is losing residents by the thousands. My sister is a Realtor in Doylestown and has been very busy finding former residents of Philly a new place to live.

Philly is heading down the drain. Between the homicides, the fatal hit & runs and least of all our “KK&O” public servants.

Buckle up Philly, the worst is yet to come.

Stacie Ruehling


Andrew Jackson canceled

I write to protest the proposed name change of Andrew Jackson School. U.S. history is being systematically destroyed.

The narrative of Andrew Jackson as just a despicable slave owner ignores the great contributions he made to the United States, starting as a child soldier during the Revolution. He was beaten violently when captured by the British. He was a brilliant commander during the War of 1812. He made great reforms to our system of government as president. During his term, the only time in its history,  USA had a national debt of $0.00.

Malcolm Little aka X shouldn’t have a school named after him, either After all, he was just a convicted felon, right?

But since renaming is inevitable, why not after a famous Italian since it’s in South Philadelphia? I guess Columbus is impossible since he’s been turned into a racist by woke culture, too. BTW how is that?

As noted in the Billy Penn article, all proposed names are black. Not even one is of any other race [Oriental? Hispanic? Indian?], let alone a white person.

Back in the day, South Africa was reviled as an apartheid state with white people in charge and today it’s an apartheid state with black people in charge.

Was he perfect? No. What politician is? Does he deserve to have schools named after him? Yes.

Joe Jackson


Meet Mr. COVID

COVID is my name,

virus is my game.

I came out of the blue

giving you the flu.

Biden says bite your tongue

if you say I came from Wuhan.

Cities went into lockdown,

you couldn’t enjoy going downtown.

Staying quarantined at home was no fun,

you wanted to go outside into the sun.

Wearing masks became a daily chore,

it fogged up your glasses that’s for sure.

You kept your distance at 6 feet apart,

because catching my cough is not too smart.

One year later I’m still here.

I’m mean, nasty and won’t disappear.

So getting the vaccine

you think will get rid of me.

But new variants of me are coming

so there’s no guarantee.

Keep wearing those masks

and maybe I won’t come back.

Al Ulus


Drug problem

Philadelphia has so many quality-of-life laws that are not enforced in the city by the mayor, DA or police commissioner.

The city’s sanitation department has to clean up the streets everyday from these people who are existing on drugs.

Now decent citizens can’t even use the Somerset El station.

Can you imagine what would K&A’s El stop look like if they put in that drug shooting gallery that Ed Rendell is affiliated with?

Kenney wants to run for another political office and Krazy Krasner wants to be re-elected DA.  Really?

Mayer Krain

Modena Park

Survival of the fittest

When a random change in a gene (mutation) occurs in a virus three things can happen: It can be beneficial, harmful or it does not matter. Beneficial changes can create new varieties, and harmful ones eliminate those that can’t compete. A vaccine is like a key that fits into a genetic lock. Change the lock (genetic makeup) and a new vaccine must be created, hopefully one that works and causes no more than minor side effects. Animals and plants compete for survival.

Even COVID viruses compete with each other and as a result compete with us for survival.

Every year, the flu vaccine is changed based on what strains are causing illness. All this drives evolution. It is a life-and-death situation that humans must win.

History indicates that competition among races, religions, national identities and over territory go back into antiquity. Wars in the 20th century killed 123 million people. Only humans can understand this and work to prevent hatred, suffering and needless deaths. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth makes us all blind and toothless. Hopefully we can evolve beyond religious and racial hatred and an urge to kill as well as be killed. People should be able to freely believe what seems right to them and behave accordingly. We must agree to disagree and still treat each other with respect.

If a person’s beliefs cause aggressive actions toward others that prevent the others from following their own beliefs and actions, it becomes a matter of concern for all of us and must be dealt with. It need not be a dog-eat-dog world. Homo sapiens means wise man. Wisdom is knowing what to value. Let’s act wisely.

Mel Flitter


Money grab

House Bill 606, giving radar and LIDAR to municipal police, may violate the single subject clause in Pennsylvania’s Constitution (the Germane Clause) by including moving radar for the state police and  speed cameras on another Philadelphia highway. HB 606 may be illegal on at least two grounds.

House Bill 606 is anti-safety and anti-driver; it seeks to turn the police into tax collectors.

There is no “speeding” crisis. That urban myth is being used to scare the uninformed public and the legislators into stampeding HB 606 into law at light speed. PennDOT data says that Pennsylvania’s highways are the safest they have ever been, without radar. So where’s the “speeding” crisis? It doesn’t exist.

Ninety percent of Pennsylvania’s posted speed limits are 8 to 16 mph below the safest speeds, the speeds that drivers travel every day, according to Federal Highway Administration data.

Ninety percent of our roads will be speed traps. HB 606 allows tickets barely over the speed limit. That tells you that HB 606 is only for the money.

Tickets cost $170-plus. Money that doesn’t go to the municipalities will go to the commonwealth; the legislature has an enormous financial stake in voting in favor of radar and LIDAR for municipal police, moving radar and more speed cameras. Radar will be used to raise revenue.

Tell your representative and senator to vote no on House Bill 606.

Tom McCarey

National Motorists Association