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Ice cream for Moonshine, popcorn for Nugget and Murph

Moonshine is an extra-large 95-pound gorgeous girl who is super fun and wiggly. She is a 2-year-old mixed breed who looks like a pitty/Corso. She’s never met a person she didn’t like and she does well with dogs, too. She is fully vetted and ready to be adopted. No kids under 10 due to age and playfulness. Also, no cats.

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Nugget and Murph are female guinea pigs who are about 18 months old.

The girls arrived at Northeast Animal Rescue on March 27, as an owner surrendered them due to the health of a family member. The girls are sweet but need time to acclimate and get used to their new person or persons. Guinea pigs are prey animals, so it’s natural for them to hide. They need an extra large habitat so they can “popcorn” and play. Potential adopters will be asked to prove the habitat they have. NAR asks that you research owning guinea pigs and be fully aware of what’s involved to own and care for. They require lots of time and lots of space. Make sure you have no allergies to them or hay that’s fed.

Guinea pigs are extremely social animals, especially with pigs of the same sex. Guinea pigs live an average of 5 to 8 years, sometimes longer. Take this time commitment into consideration when looking to adopt a guinea pig.

For more information, to fill out an application or to volunteer at Northeast Animal Rescue, visit nar.rescuegroups.org. ••

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