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St. Martha rallies for education

St. Martha Elementary School held a pep rally last week to bring attention to its upcoming Race for Education Walkathon fundraiser, set for April 29.

The school hopes to raise $10,000.

In another money matter, funds have been secured to repair the gigantic potholes in the parish parking lot.

The students were joined at the April 13 pep rally by the Rev. Jonathan Dalin, parish administrator, and principal Karen Donofry, who is retiring at the end of the school year.

The kids, along with the Tiger mascot, chanted, “Yes, Yes, SMS,” and listened to music, with Eye of the Tiger and Roar among the songs played.

Pupils stepped to the microphone to say what they liked best about the school. Answers included gym, recess, Donofry, friends, teachers, kind people and the welcoming environment.

They did the Chicken Dance and the Hokey Pokey and competed in a dance contest that included popular songs such as YMCA and Sweet Caroline. The dance contest class winners were the first- and third-graders. The individual winners were first-grader Chase Miller and kindergartener Gavin Martiello. ••

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