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Check out Pavlov the dog and Mars the hamster

Three-year-old Pavlov was found abandoned in a Philly park. He is in foster care now, getting healthy and making friends. Pavlov remains sweet after the neglect he has endured, and his rescue will ensure he finds an amazing home for the rest of his life. Pavlov will be fully vetted prior to adoption, including neuter, microchip and vaccination. For more information, visit www.bellareedpbr.com. ••

Mars is a male Chinese hamster, and is around 7 months old. His favorite spot to sleep during the day is in his hide in his sand bath, which means you get to see all his weird and adorable sleeping positions. He loves sitting on his butt like a person with his back feet kicked out, which is always super funny and cute to see. He’s pretty skittish and will flinch at loud or sudden noises, and would rather stay in his enclosure than be handled so he needs someone who will put in the time to work with him or let him be who he is. He’s a sweetheart, though, and is very easy to handle if it is necessary. Hamsters are crepuscular/nocturnal, which means they are generally asleep during the day and active during the night, so Mars enjoys coming out once the lights are out, for the most part. He is occasionally awake during the day, but you might need to stay up until he is awake at night if you want to watch him. He’s very active and loves to run around his enclosure, and is fun to watch as he runs on his wheel and forages for food.

For more information, to fill out an application or to volunteer at Northeast Animal Rescue, visit nar.rescuegroups.org. ••

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