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Where do local Dems stand on Krasner vs. Vega?

District Attorney Larry Krasner TIMES FILE PHOTO

The Democratic City Committee is not endorsing a candidate in Tuesday’s primary for district attorney.

We asked local Democratic elected officials whom they support, DA Larry Krasner or challenger Carlos Vega.

Here are their answers:

Elections Commission Chairwoman Lisa Deeley: Deeley is staying neutral to maintain the integrity of the commissioners because they work with the district attorney’s office to address election day issues.

U.S. Rep. Brendan Boyle: Is concerned about shootings and murders, but does not intend to endorse. “Neither candidate has reached out to me.”

State Sen. Tina Tartaglione: In a Vega press release, she said, “Carlos understands what Philadelphians are going through in this moment of crisis. We need a strong and competent leader who is up to the task of addressing safety in our city while also delivering the necessary reforms to our criminal justice system.”

State Sen. John Sabatina Jr.: No response

Carlos Vega

Councilman Bobby Henon: “The 65th Ward is supporting Vega. I’m supporting Vega.”

Councilwoman Maria Quinones Sanchez: On Krasner’s campaign website, she is quoted as saying, “Larry Krasner has been an important ally and leader in criminal justice reform, which needs to be focused on structural changes, investigations, preventive solutions and long-term investments. Philadelphia needs a DA, like Larry, who has a proven record for caring about people, seeking justice and changing the unacceptable course which has created an unfair system. This transformational change takes time and we need Larry to stay the course.”

Councilwoman Cherelle Parker: On Krasner’s campaign website, she is quoted as saying, “I’m proud to support Larry Krasner in his campaign for re-election.”

State Rep. Nancy Guenst: No response

State Rep. Kevin Boyle: In a Vega press release, he said, “Carlos Vega should be the next District Attorney of Philadelphia. While at the DA’s office, Carlos fought for reforms in the system and led efforts to exonerate individuals wrongfully convicted such as the George Cortez case.” Cortez had been convicted of a North Philadelphia murder before being exonerated.

State Rep. Mike Driscoll: For Vega because he will be tougher on gun violence and other violent crimes.

State Rep. Ed Neilson: Supporting Vega

State Rep. Joe Hohenstein: “I am not taking a position on the DA race.”

State Rep. Jason Dawkins: No response

State Rep. Jared Solomon: “I don’t think I am going to endorse anybody. I’m going to stay out of it.”

State Rep. Isabella Fitzgerald: Krasner’s campaign website lists Fitzgerald and the 10th Democratic Ward, which she heads, as supporting the incumbent. ••

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