Letters to the editor

Failing grade for Biden

Time for the 100-day report card on President Biden, our POTUS #46. (Rhymed to the old sitcom theme for Car 54, Where Are You?)

Gas is thru the roof,
and my budget just went poof!

Russia’s got our oil pipes,
and race theory teaches gripes.

Middle East is blowing too,
My my, what can we do?

POTUS 45 … where are you?

Everybody’s going “woke,”
But if you’re fired, it’s no joke.

Illegals jump the fence,
Now, I’d even vote for Pence.

You defrauded Trump away,
Now everybody’s got to pay.

POTUS #45 … where are you?

Richard Iaconelli


Stale and stagnant air

One-hundred days in and what has he done? Already the country, and for that matter the world, is in a crisis every which way you look since Biden got in, and Mr. Carl Williams praises Biden for having the know-how?

Biden has reversed everything that Trump did to make America great again.

The construction of the border wall has stopped and we have a flood of migrants crossing in by the thousands.

Biden stopped the Keystone pipeline and now we have a hacking of our oil infrastructure and there’s no backup.

Trump brought peace to the Middle East and now we have chaos and war.

You see this as a breath of fresh air from the Biden administration?

I see Biden’s resume for the past 50 years of service nothing but stale air and the way things are going into his next hundred days, it looks more like stagnant air with no fresh initiatives.

Let’s stop blaming Trump for all the woes because there’s no know-how coming from Biden.

Al Ulus


Repeal Selective Service

In recent years, there has been a push to require young women to register with the Selective Service System. Has anyone considered that it is time to move on from this antiquated program? It may have been acceptable in the past; however, the times have changed. Fighting techniques have changed. Our society has changed. I have sent emails to our elected officials urging them to support the Selective Service Repeal Act of 2021. I encourage the readers of this letter to do the same. Members of Congress must be made aware of our desires. Do it for your sons and grandsons (and potentially your daughters and granddaughters).

Edward Rorer


Liz unfairly dumped

Wow, the once honorable Republican Party has now gone completely off the rails. Removing Liz Cheney from her leadership position in the party for sticking up for truth and the Constitution is unbelievable. Because she was one of the only Republicans brave enough to admit that Trump was lying about the election and trying to destroy our democracy. Kevin McCarthy is now officially one of Donald Trump’s goons. We might as well change the name to the Trumplican Party, standing for lies, bullying and insurrection.

Dave Chester


Prepare for next pandemic

As we heard from Joe Biden during his Joint Address to Congress, COVID-19 is the defining issue of our time. With climate change dramatically accelerating the pace of new disease outbreaks, Congress must take action immediately, before attention wanes, to prepare for the future and prevent the current nightmare from ever repeating. Nobody should experience the trauma and pain of losing a loved one like my family is since we lost my father to COVID. That’s why I’m grateful to Rep. Fitzpatrick for co-leading and Reps. Boyle, Evans, Dean, Scanlon, Houlahan, Wild and Doyle for joining a historic bipartisan congressional letter to the president, led by Reps. Connolly and Fitzpatrick asking him to create a Fund for Global Health Security and Pandemic Preparedness. Given that COVID-19 is conservatively estimated to have already cost the United States at least $16 trillion, it’s clear that the cost of pandemic prevention pales to the staggering cost of inaction. It is also a shame that none of the Republicans from PA chose to join Rep. Fitzpatrick and chose inaction. The majority of Democrats joined this letter, and it is a shame that Reps. Cartwright and Lamb as well chose inaction. I hope Joe Biden heeds his party instead of Cartwright and Lamb, and does the right thing.

Sara Atkins

Right to Health PA