Letters to the Editor

Shooting gallery

We are only into June, already two mass shootings have occurred in our nation, and countless shootings in our own city. Soon, Philadelphia will be like the early western days, when men wore guns on their hips. There seems to be no answers, and no quests to curtailing gun shootings. Always hearing about rights to have guns. Anymore, this right has become a bunch of bull.


Marie Patton

Fox Chase

We need real justice

I read with horror and disbelief the article on one Keith Gibson — a “person of interest” in at least five homicides in Pennsylvania and Delaware.

This is an individual on the loose — gun crazy — and even a suspect in the killing of his own mother. How horrible is that. He has a record a mile long, yet was released time after time by lawyers, parole officers, judges, etc. who were not doing their jobs. How can they sleep at night when looking at all these crimes?

I would suggest they all be suspended from their jobs and sent for a refresher course in “Real Justice.” Give them all 90 days to get their thoughts on track. It seems they are sitting on their brains.

Virginia M. Murphy


Great job, Jefferson Torresdale

This is just a quick letter of appreciation to all the wonderful, extremely dedicated medical professionals I encountered during my unexpected stay at Jefferson Torresdale Hospital this past May.

In addition to my sister Theresa, I was cared for by Emily and Andy, to name just two. There were so many, too many to remember every name, but I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of those involved in my care.

Again, thank you for your compassion. I will never forget it.


William J. McDevitt Jr.


More confusion

Confused when President Biden said in his budget message that only taxpayers making $400,000 or more will have their taxes increased.  But he did not mention that the 65 million taxpayers who had their taxes reduced in 2017 will have their taxes increased to their pre-2017 levels. Isn’t that a tax increase for the 65 million taxpayers and I’m sure they are not making $400,000.

Confused when Kate Smith’s statue is removed from the sports complex area for a song that she sang 90 years ago and Paul Robeson who sang the same song 90 years ago and his plaque is still standing on Walnut Street.

Confused when the phrase “people of color” is spoken, and it doesn’t include white. Isn’t white a color, too?

Confused when reading the headlines in the Inquirer on June 2, “We’re taking over the highway … “ (relating to the demonstrations last year) and Mayor Kenney and Commissioner Outlaw apologized to the protesters who broke the law and took over I-676.

Joe Nadolski

Academy Gardens

Left-wingers caused the real damage

It’s almost 20 years after 9/11 and government security agencies still aren’t sharing information or they are ignoring it. This was the reason Homeland Security was created and now we are back to square one. After the 1/6 reports came out, it seems the security agencies dropped the ball and totally mishandled the situation. Maybe if it was handled properly, no one gets into the Capitol building.

There always seems to be a heavy effort to project every right-wing group as violence-seeking terrorists. Surely, there are some like that and they should be subject to heavy surveillance. But what seems to be forgotten is the Seattle and Portland situations that went on for over 100 days. Nightly sieges of the downtown areas by Antifa and left-wingers. They decimated the downtown areas. People were afraid to leave the house or open up their businesses. They took over downtown Portland and made their own city. Yet, all you hear about are right-wing groups. When are the media and government agencies going to step up to say they weren’t peace demonstrations and there was more damage to federal buildings than there was done to the Capitol.


Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

Do-nothing Dems

Enough with the name calling.

That’s all the Democrats have for their agenda, name calling the Republicans. We are the deplorables. We are nuts. We are mentally ill. We are racist. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Why don’t they ditch the rhetoric and use all that hot air to actually get policies done, like sending Kamala Harris to the border, instead of wasting their breath on name calling.

There are 46 European countries that have voter ID.  And why is that? Because they believe in voter integrity. And it doesn’t have anything to do with race.

There is no voter suppression. This day and age, everyone has some form of identification, either photo or driver’s license, and if people are able to go to the store, they are able to register and to go to the polls and show ID to vote.

The gun violence on the streets of Philly is certainly not due to insane Republicans, but due to the complacent Democrats Kenney and Krasner who don’t care about the well-being of the people.

If Dave Chester wants everyone to have a license to carry, then why is it so difficult for everyone to have and show picture ID to vote, regardless of race?

A person can purchase a firearm at a gun shop with a photo ID (a driver’s license) and a background check, only to keep the gun at home for personal protection.

I’m all for carrying without a permit, because what good is it to keep the gun at home when I’m on the streets trying to protect myself.

Mace won’t do when I’m being shot at.

Al Ulus


Trump ignored warning

Now we’re blaming the COVID 19 pandemic on Nancy Pelosi and the Dems, Al? Wow, that’s a stretch, even for you.

Did you know your hero never read the daily presidential briefings. In October 2019, one such briefing was an alert of a massive increase in activity in and around all the hospitals in Wuhan, China.

Patients are complaining of diarrhea and a cough. It was brought to his attention. “Do you want us to look into this?” He brushed it off. I guess he didn’t want to be bothered while Fox & Friends was on. October 2019.

Dave Chester