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Biden’s time is up

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Well that didn’t take long, did it?

Eight months into a new administration, the U.S. is a mess.

Rather than focus on the myriad of problems and mistakes made since January, I’d rather focus on just one: Afghanistan.

The president chose to withdraw all U.S. troops by Aug. 31.

Like most Americans, I am glad the 20-year war is now over.

However, the manner and competence shown by the State Department, the Defense Department, the U.S. military commanders, the Biden administration and the White House in the pullout of U.S. troops are both shocking and completely appalling. This pullout has been a complete catastrophe.

To leave behind at least 10% of the U.S. citizens, Afghan ally citizens, military service dogs, $83 billion in taxpayer military equipment and Afghan interpreters (including then-Sen. Biden’s interpreter, who guided 3 U.S. senators through a blizzard in the Afghan mountains in 2008) is completely unacceptable.

This current administration is complicit in the most shocking military dereliction of duty in the history of the United States.

Job one for the U.S. is this simple creed, America never leaves behind any U.S. ally on the field of battle, ever.

The only solution to this shameful and botched pullout is to punish the current political ruling party at the polls in 2022 and 2024. If the Democrats do not lose at least 75-100 congressman and 15-20 U.S. senators in the 2022 midterm elections for this colossal debacle, then this is not the country that our forefathers founded in 1776.

Any member of Congress who does not immediately demand the resignations of the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the National Security Advisor, today, is not worthy of your support or your future vote.

Finally, spare us lectures about the previous administration boxing in the Biden administration on an Afghan pullout that was not condition based. That is simply not true. As former President Clinton used to say, ” … that dog won’t hunt.”

President Biden looked at his watch several times when the 13 fallen heroes were transported to Dover Air Force Base, as if his time was inconvenienced. His lack of empathy toward Gold Star parents was frankly shocking and bizarre.

Well, Mr. President, you finally got it right. You do not need to look at your watch to know the obvious. After leaving Americans behind enemy lines on the field of battle, Joe, your time is up.

John Farley


Nonprofits can stem violence

As a country, we need to stop violence plus police-related issues in Philadelphia and the local tri-state area. Nonprofit organizations Race for Peace Committee and Urban Navigation help with these issues.

Urban Navigation was created to stop the gun violence in our city. Also to give guidance to our youth. Information can be found on urbannav.com.

The Race for Peace Committee is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. It was formed in 2016 to enrich the lives of residents in all communities through programs, resources and activities for the family and to reach an understanding between law enforcement and the communities they serve.

Vision for the Race for Peace Committee is to educate, circumvent and eradicate racism, violence and discrimination globally. The mission for Race for Peace is to revitalize the community through the enrichment and outreach programs in every community and to maintain a collective voice and sharing of ideas, creating an atmosphere of peace that encourages good citizenship.

Race for Peace Committee’s purpose is to strive to create enthusiasm in the communities, see through their eyes, understand their needs and deliver more than they expect. They do this by delivering reachable goals and solutions that support peace through the community.

For more information, visit raceforpeace.org. Facebook page: @RFPCSocialMedia.

Alim Howell

Race for Peace Committee, Urban Navigation

Illegals carrying COVID?

In Philadelphia, we’re back to a mask mandate. I’ve had my two shots and now I’ve been advised that I should sign up for a third shot. My grandchildren have been advised that they will have to wear a mask all day to attend school. Meanwhile, former President Barack Obama has a huge birthday party and Nancy Pelosi hosted a fundraiser where couples paid $60,000 for a dinner. In both cases, no masks were in sight. Dr. Fauci has made statements that we should wear masks, that maybe two masks would be better, maybe masks aren’t really effective.

Meanwhile, nearly a million illegal immigrants have crossed our border and none are wearing  masks. Are they being tested for COVID? How many of them have tested positive for COVID and are living in U.S. hotels at our expense?

Americans better wake up and contact our elected officials and tell them this has to stop. At the very least, stop the migration until we have COVID under control.

Anne Meintel


Too much anger, hatred

I think your topics should be limited to certain topics but not religion or politics. There is so much anger between people and their politics. Keep our opinions to the voting booth or tell our representative. I have never written anything before in the paper but I just sat down to read the paper and have to read all this basic hatred toward each other. I lost my husband to COVID and there are many other things to focus on in our life. Don’t waste the time you have left in our life posting your opinions. This is my one and only posting.

Sandie Meade

Modena Park

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