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Wesley Enhanced Living Burholme residents show symbol of unity

The residents of Wesley Enhanced Living Burholme walked to their seats as God Bless America played over the radio. As the country descends into turmoil, the residents want to show that their country is still great.


The residents at Wesley Enhanced Living hold up their handmade flag to show a symbol of unity.
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“Because of COVID-19 and the isolation we all felt and all the political stuff that’s going on, we wanted to express our love of America, our realization that we’re a better country when we’re united,” Patricia Webster, enhanced living supervisor, said.

Residents of Wesley Enhanced Living celebrated after the flag ceremony with cake and socializing.

The residents spent the summer making an American flag out of pieces of posterboard. It culminated in the residents holding their piece of posterboard to create an American flag as they sang God Bless America.

“It’s such a wonderful and patriotic thing for us to do,” Peggy Maguire, a resident of WEL Burholme, said. “I’m proud to be a part of it.”

The residents of Wesley Enhanced Living hold up a flag they made to symbolize unity.

Lauren Mangual came to visit her grandmother, Betty Mitchell, and watch the display. “My grandmother was really excited,” Mangual said. “She put a lot of effort in making the flag, so it was exciting to see how everybody came together to do something that meant a lot for us.”

Mitchell spoke of how she enjoyed working on the flag with other residents.

After a short speech by Webster, the residents held their posterboard up high. Then, finally, it all came together as a beloved symbol of the country.

Residents of Wesley Enhanced Living were served cake at their social after the ceremony.

During her speech, Webster spoke of how the flag they made represents what the country can accomplish when united and working together.

Patricia Webster, enhanced living specialist at Wesley Enhanced Living, gave a speech before the residents raised their flag.

“We can make a difference when we all work together,” Webster said. “Look at this beautiful flag you all made.” ••

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