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Police investigating fatal Burholme accident

The police Accident Investigation Division continues to investigate a fatal accident that took place last Thursday at Cottman and Tabor avenues in Burholme.

At 5:32 a.m., AID responded to a report of an accident involving an automobile and bicyclist.

Police said a 2008 Honda, operated by a 20-year-old male, was traveling westbound on Cottman Avenue when a 70-year-old male bicyclist entered the roadway traveling northbound on Tabor Avenue.

Police said the motorist failed to see the individual and struck the bicycle, throwing the man off.

According to police, the motorist then lost control, crossing all lanes and mounting the curb on the south side of Cottman Avenue, finally coming to rest against a wall holding a sign for a church.

There were no injuries to the driver.

The bicyclist sustained severe injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene by Fire Department Medic 38. He’s been identified as Patrick White, a chiropractor.

There were no witnesses. ••

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