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Giving small businesses an online presence

Mario Saint-Fleur and Dan Jacob started helping small businesses during the pandemic by increasing their online presence.

While most businesses struggled during the pandemic, Dan Jacob and Mario Saint-Fleur saw an opportunity to help those same businesses.

The two men observed that many small businesses struggle with maintaining an online presence — something they consider vital to a successful business. So they decided to lend their expertise to help these types of companies.

“We teamed up and realized that with our help and expertise, we felt that we could serve a lot of small business owners,” Jacob said.

They started Everyday Web, a company aimed to enhance and maintain small businesses’ online presence.

“We offer services such as websites, social media marketing; that’s another big service of ours that we offer,” Saint-Fleur said. “We offer graphic design, so we have clients with the logo, branding and brochures, things like that.”

Frequently, companies that offer these services charge prices that small businesses can’t afford. However, Everyday Web is affordable because, according to Jacob, the technology has advanced to offer their services for cheaper.

Both men were working freelance in the technology field, building and maintaining a web presence for clients. They met at Venture Cafe, which aims to connect innovators through accessible programs.

Jacob is from the Northeast and a graduate of George Washington High School. Saint-Fleur grew up in West Philadelphia and graduated from Monsignor Bonner in Drexel Hill.

They were trying to brainstorm how to combine their efforts to do a sustainable business — while giving back to their respective communities.

“The way we get technology, the way we get information from businesses, it’s a lot quicker, a lot faster than previous stuff before digital marketing agencies would have to schedule a bunch of calls with the owner,” Jacob said.

Everyday Web has helped businesses in the Northeast, such as Alpha Organics Inc., a chemical packaging manufacturer, fixing its website to make it more accessible. In addition, they set up a Shopify store for a Latino artist who owns a company called Messing with Resin. They have also helped restaurants put their menus online and simplify their online ordering system.

“Most companies will reach out to us and contact us to schedule a meeting, let them know what their needs are and really understand the best tools that are available and will be able to help them solve their problems,” Saint-Fleur said.

Businesses who want to utilize the services offered by Everyday Web should look at their website https://everydayweb.co/ or call them directly at 215-774-9968.

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