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Letters to the Editor

All the best

Politics should never be about personal attacks but about different views on public policies. Therefore, as a Christian, I feel sad and sorry for my opponent Kevin Boyle. I pray for Kevin Boyle that everything would work out best for him and his family as he is going through difficult times. Although I and Kevin Boyle have strong political differences, I do not mean any ill will toward him. I hope that he would seek out the right help and would make the right decisions that would be best for him, his family and would be best in the interests for our constituents. God bless America!

Aaron Bashir for State Representative

Take down vulgar sign

I was driving on Rhawn Street with my 8-year-old daughter. We were on the 700 block in Fox Chase when I see two huge banners, one saying, “Trump Won,” the other, “F@#& Biden.” Of course, my daughter was looking out the window and saw it as well, saying, “Mommy, there is a sign with a bad word,” and so on. She wondered why there was a sign like this. So did I. I get that folks are entitled to their opinion, but really, do you need to be so vulgar? Your home is blocks away from Fox Chase Elementary and St. Cecilia School. It is totally unnecessary. I am hoping the neighbors have the courage to talk to this person to convince them to remove it,  even if they are in agreement of the sentiment.

Eileen Teti

Castor Gardens

Technology essential to small business recovery 

Small businesses have faced countless challenges during the past year and a half, often experiencing the worst of the economic devastation brought on by the pandemic. Those lucky enough to survive often did so thanks to digital platforms such as e-commerce and online marketing.

At Delegate Solutions, a Philadelphia-based small business focused on providing premium virtual assistance services, we have always touted the benefits of digital tools. We have been working remotely for years, using tools like Grow, Slack and Google Docs to collaborate efficiently. We have even seen a 57 percent growth in business since last year.

Let’s utilize the lessons we have learned throughout the pandemic to support small business recovery. Digital tools have proven to be a crucial part of that recovery strategy. We ask lawmakers to recognize the value of these platforms to small businesses when considering technology policy.

Emily Morgan

Delegate Solutions

The right to live

Has our country gone crazy? Things weren’t bad enough in this country after we left Americans and allies in Afghanistan, then Biden gives his ultimatum on COVID vaccinations regardless of medical reasons, personal preferences or natural immunity. Yet he allows illegal immigrants to enter the country with no regard to whether they have COVID. Then, Kamala Harris gives her speech on abortion rights for women, calling it a woman’s right to her body. Yes, a woman does have rights. She has a right to safe sex or no sex but when a fetus is produced, her rights change. God has given her the responsibility to protect this child. Make no mistake, once there is a heartbeat, it is a human being with his or her own rights. The right to live. At the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C. in 1994, Mother Teresa of Calcutta said this: “I feel that the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion, because it is a war against the child, a direct killing of the innocent child, murder by the mother herself.” She must be rolling in her grave if she heard our politicians today. The “Abortion Without Limits Until Birth Act” would allow abortions up to and including nine months. It has also been promoted by most Democrats that if the baby lived, they would make the infant “comfortable.” This bill, deceptively titled the “Women’s Health Protection Act,” would overturn every pro-life law passed in every state in the country. Americans better speak to their politicians and tell them there is no way they will vote for anyone who supports this barbaric law. Maybe these politicians who want your votes better realize that they are your constituents and if they want to be reelected they better listen to you.

I wonder if any men feel they should have had a say in whether his child should be aborted, especially at nine months. Doesn’t the infant have the “right to live?”

Yes, the world is going crazy and we better wake up before it’s too late.

Anne Meintel


Dems rely on dependent class

In response to Dave Chester’s letter on 9-2, Trump said to peacefully protest. You and the media can’t get away from that fact. But it’s amazing the BLM rioters either are not arrested or let loose the same day, while the Jan. 6 rioters are still in jail. Mr. Chester, truthfully now, do you or the Jan. 6 rioters really believe that the certification of a presidential election could be stopped that way? The real traitors are the Democrat Party, the media and Big Tech, which are trying to suppress my vote with every new Democrat who crosses that border. They’re trying to replace their once-loyal base with a class that will be totally dependent on the Democrat Party. They don’t care about the drugs crossing the border because that creates another dependent class. It’s time to break free and vote Republican.

Tom Anderson

Holme Circle

Quit supporting Trump

I notice how Al from Somerton comes here weekly to give his opinion and his support for the ousted “lost by a landslide” Donald Trump. He says “they rolled out early, swiftly and distributed the COVID vaccines and it was mishandled and without thorough investigation.” Wait, wasn’t it your hero the Donald who put it out trying to get points using “Operation Warp Speed?” Did you cheer or complain then? His supporters held back to get treated now they are dropping in “red states” after they realize that our current president is making a difference for life while the previous one was concerned only about fame and profit. Remember they wanted to sacrifice the elderly during late 2020 season of the virus?

Instead of doing your part, you’d rather listen to Faux News TV,  a voodoo witch doctor, use bleach, Lysol  or even now use drugs made for cows and horses. The caring among us took the vaccines. Science says they have less chance of death than those who don’t.

This so-called party who say the “Back the Blue” sure did not show it during the January insurrection and riot that a radical follower got herself killed at Trump’s expense yet they want to attack the police officers who were justified in doing their job to defend the Capitol and democracy. If you have a “right to choose to not get vaccinated” then why stop those who have rights also while you’re trying to deny and put in voter suppression-type laws for your own benefit?

Trump sounded the departure alarm and supported U.S. leaving Afghanistan after 20 years of American occupation, lives lost and billions of tax dollars spent. There was or is no safe way to do it. Yet criticize President Biden for trying to resolve a conflict that Republican greed has put us in for war profiting. You all don’t want more “minorities” here so stop faking. Think before you come here and give your nonfact-type rhetoric. Until then you will still be supporting a one-term impostor president who led a party of yes men and hypocrites.

Carl Williams


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