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Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Gale at the Christopher Columbus monument in Norristown.

Columbus and Rizzo forever

As radical left-wing Democrats have unleashed their toxic “cancel culture” ideology on our nation in an effort to rewrite history and erase free speech, no figure has been targeted and smeared more than Christopher Columbus.

For example, in the city of Philadelphia, which has long prided itself as the cradle of liberty, tyrannical Democrat politicians have sought to remove the Columbus statue from Marconi Plaza. And in Montgomery County, despite my outspoken objections as the sole Republican on the Board of Commissioners, the Democrats have replaced Columbus Day with Juneteenth as an observed county holiday.

Make no mistake, Christopher Columbus is under attack because his legacy is a symbol of everything progressives aim to vilify and, ultimately, nullify: white, God-fearing Christian men of European descent who have contributed to the birth of our country and the continuing prosperity of Western civilization.

In fact, just last year Philadelphia took down the statue of law-and-order Mayor Frank Rizzo, the first and only Italian-American to hold the city’s highest office.

As Pennsylvania’s next governor, I will fight to protect Christopher Columbus and Frank Rizzo from being scrubbed from American history by ensuring their memories and monuments are preserved in perpetuity.

God Bless America and Happy Columbus Day.

Joe Gale

Love it or leave it

People from all countries who make the Pledge of Allegiance to the red, white and blue and become citizens. They don’t buy American cars. They shop in ethnic stores so they don’t have to speak English. When a special day comes, nobody displays the American flag. They have money to rip up lawns for vegetable gardens and no money for a 99-cent flag. They like living under the American flag but show no patriotism. If they don’t like American life, why not go back to their homeland.

Herb Sumsky


A changing neighborhood

We purchased our home in Fox Chase in 1999. As I walk or drive through the neighborhood, I see many changes not for the better.

More homes are not being maintained. More lawns not being mowed. More and more trash on the streets, sidewalks and lawns. More businesses not maintaining their properties, some with weeds growing out of control. More empty businesses. People leaving newspapers and circulars in their driveway for weeks to literally crumble. Really like to tell them it takes only seconds to place them in a recycle can. I could continue but I think I made my point.

I have gone through other neighborhood transformations that were not positive. The signs are all there. Unless we take some positive steps, the end result will be the same.

Anthony Dello Russo

Fox Chase

Halloween decorations may be hazardous to wildlife

Are you aware that some Halloween decorations are dangerous for wildlife – birds, especially, but also other small creatures like chipmunks, squirrels and even bees?

The most dangerous of all the decorations that dangle, hang or wrap are fake spiderwebs. This is actually an indoor decoration that was never designed to be used outdoors.

Every year, wildlife rehabilitators get birds trapped in this material that can be sticky and harmful to all birds from small sparrows to owls. Besides injuries, a trapped bird can be a terrified target for feral cats. Even if the bird is not injured when it gets trapped, it sometimes becomes injured when people try to free it.

If you can’t or won’t take down this dangerous decoration, please check twice daily for birds and other animals that may be caught. If you find anything stuck, pull on the webbing – not the animal – to free it. Trying to pull a bird free can dislocate claws, wings or legs. If this is too intimidating, please cut the webbing around the animal, put it in a box (cut air holes) or paper bag and take it to the nearest wildlife rehabilitator: Aark Center in Chalfont (215-249-1938) or Philly Metro in Norristown (267-416-9453) – or to a local veterinarian.

Also, be aware that carved pumpkins and other Halloween edibles can attract unwanted wildlife visitors.

Most of all, if you really like the fake spiderwebs, rethink where you put this – indoors on the inside of your windows and not outside where they can harm our wild neighbors.

Arlene Steinberg


Time to prevent impact of climate change

Three weeks ago, the remnants of Hurricane Ida brought several tornadoes and heavy rain to the Philadelphia area. Due to the heavy rain, the Schuylkill River overflowed to cause widespread damage to homes and businesses. My family’s convenience store was one of those flooded in Philadelphia. The destruction caused by intense flooding and storms is becoming more frequent due to the effects of climate change.

It wasn’t only Philadelphia, Hurricane Ida impacted other counties, such as Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and York, with some residents having to leave their homes.

Pennsylvania’s cornerstone renewable energy law, the Alternative Energy Portfolio, is a solution to prevent some of the devastating impacts of climate change. In May, the state’s requirement under the AEPS is only 8% clean renewable energy, and just 0.5% solar.

Luckily, state Sen. Dan Laughlin and state Rep. Chris Quinn proposed two new Pennsylvania bills that can increase the state’s renewable energy goal, modifying Pennsylvania 2004 AEPS Act. These two bills could push Pennsylvania in the right direction.

Pennsylvania’s legislators must expand the AEPS by increasing the requirements for renewable wind and solar energy to 18% by 2026, including a 5.5% requirement for in-state solar energy projects to address climate change and environmental threats.

Mary Gutierrez



The school district acknowledged that they have failed to properly educate students equally across the district so that they need to change the way they admit students to “Special Admit” schools like Masterman.

They claim that Asians and white students are disproportionately favored and people with political connections somehow.

Didn’t Mayor Nutter’s (African American) daughter, who campaigned for him, attend Masterman?

A computer will decide based upon ZIP code and without taking an independent standardized test score (PSSA) who will attend those schools.

Who will write the computer program?

If you are going to discriminate to get the outcome you want based upon race/ethnicity, wouldn’t it be more transparent to add points for being Hispanic/black or subtract points for being Asian or white?

How could this happen under the 9 years of the Hite administration, who won’t be here for the start of the new program next year?

Mayer Krain

Modena Park

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