Home News Adding tree canopy at Pennypack on the Delaware

Adding tree canopy at Pennypack on the Delaware

Riverfront North Partnership’s Emma Schad assists Torresdale residents Dylan Benson and Daria Benson in planting a tree.
Jim Fries, project manager at Riverfront North Partnerships, demonstrates to volunteers how to plant a tree.
Emma Schad, stewardship manager at Riverfront North Partnership, demonstrated how to plant a tree at the start of a volunteer tree-planting event at Pennypack on the Delaware.

Riverfront North Partnership, in tandem with the Arbor Day Foundation, on Saturday planted trees at Pennypack on the Delaware, a park at 7801 State Road.

Jim Fries and Emma Schad, of Riverfront North Partnership, taught volunteers how to plant the trees.

Others who took part included Stephanie Phillips, executive director of Riverfront North, which had a goal of planting 80 trees. ••

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