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Pay up

I have been a subscriber to the Academy of Music for over 30 years. We enjoy going to the shows. Our 2021-2022 tickets for the shows came about 2 weeks ago. I don’t mind all the added stuff we have to do to be safe in the pandemic while seeing the shows.

What got me was, after supporting this institution for over 30 years, they now want me to pay an extra $1,000 to keep my seats. If I don’t give this donation, my seats that I have had all these years will be given to someone who is able to pay the extra $1,000. This is not fair. We are senior citizens, and I feel we are being taken advantage of. Also, as a senior, they do not offer a discount, we pay full price. I am sure they have received money through foundations and the government.

Marsha Masi


No consequences

I would like someone to explain to me like I’m 5 how a 14-year-old child who voluntarily goes to the Department of Human Services and claims “child abuse” and the case is investigated and the parents are found innocent due to the classification that the allegations are unfounded.

Upon the initial investigation being dismissed, no real investigation is done to substantiate the allegations. Said 14-year-old states that they do not wish to return home. The court allows this. The court will not make the child return to their house. Explain to me how a 14-year-old can dictate where and who they want to live with but they cannot vote, drive or stay out past curfew.

Most of the crime that is happening is with teenagers. Do you know why? Because there’s nothing you can do to them. The parents have no power, the police have no power and these juvenile delinquents are not only not held responsible for their actions but are given a free pass to continue with the rebellious behavior. What started out as a good idea has turned into an experiment that has gone terribly, terribly wrong.

Roxanna Gambino Schroeder


Problem solved

We have a backup of ships off the coast of California. We have all the troops who just came back from Afghanistan. We should send them to California to unload ships, drive trucks and deliver goods where they need to go. And a workforce who knows what work is.

Fred Wollner



Coca-Cola has a big interest in China. Say no more.

I don’t know what political correctness is. If you are woke, drink Coke. Or if you are not woke, drink Coke.

Anyway, I don’t drink Coke/soda.

But if and when I do, it will be Pepsi.

Richard B. Krzaczek

Lexington Park

Killing outside Lincoln

There was a recent shooting involving students from Lincoln High School.

An innocent grandfather was allegedly shot and killed by the adult brother of a student.

The alleged shooter was arrested and should be charged with various felonies, including murder.

Did any of the involved students live in Lincoln’s catchment area?

Mayer Krain

Modena Park

Trump outscores Biden

In response to Carl Williams’ post on 10-6, I am proud of Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, and he did make political points during this. Biden tried to make points with the Afghanistan pullout to coincide with 9/11. Despite his generals’ advice and let’s not forget his next photo op attempt, the drone strike on children and aid workers. And then the lie about it, saying there were secondary explosions, proving they had explosives on them. Biden should be tried as a war criminal. Imagine if Trump did that. Yes, Trump did sound the Afghanistan alarm, which proves he is not a warmonger. But the departure was conditional, whenever the Taliban did not live up to the conditions, he used air strikes. You don’t have to be a general to know that it is vital to get your people and equipment out, and warn your allies before you leave so they can do the same. As for your statement, “You all dont want more minorities,” have you all checked what this is costing us monetarily? That money could be used to support the black, white, brown, yellow and red soldiers who lost their limbs fighting for this country. How about taking care of their families. As for backing the blue, ask the blue who’s backing them.

A final note. The people who are refusing the vaccine, a large number of them are not of the typical Trump voter complexion. However, I am vaccinated, but support their choice not to vaccinate.

Tom Anderson

Holme Circle

Driving while breaking the law

Let’s see, we have speed cameras and red light cameras installed, supposedly for our safety, not the money. Well, City Council just threw the concept about it not being about the money out the window. Because now they are about the money after passing the “Do anything you want driving law.” Probably the next time we hear about this law is when a family of 5 is taken out by a car with no inspection stickers, brakes or lights and a dozen tickets mailed to the house. It’s the exact thing that’s going on with the weapons offenses. This bill will definitely have an impact on policing. It’s also going to have a definite impact on your insurance rates. Are we going to go back to the ‘80s, when people were using New Jersey and Pocono addresses because Philadelphia insurance was sky high. This is a bill that might fix the one problem but create a multitude of other problems.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

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