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RIP, Democratic Party

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And then it happened.

Recently one of the major political parties in the United States ceased to be a serious party forever.

On Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2021, the Democratic Party started its slow and inevitable slide into oblivion. From Andrew Jackson to Joe Biden, the Democrats have had a 193-year run. Impressive. Amazing. And now set to be over. Why?

So what happened?

The former Virginia governor made the amazing mistake of actually telling the truth. The Democratic, elitist, entitled truth.

Terry McAuliffe said, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

Really? Just let that sink in for a minute.

The “deplorables” have no right to have a say on what’s taught at their own children’s, taxpayer-funded schools. That’s me and you that the Democrats are talking about. That’s the 81 million Joe Biden voters. That’s 74 million Donald Trump voters. See that means that you and I are too dumb and stupid to know what’s right for our children to learn about. Big brother and the Democrats got this. Stay on the sidelines, parents.

Now before you think that this was an honest mistake in the heat of a hotly contested race for governor, understand something.

Not one single, major national or local Democratic Party official or office holder at any level of government in the entire country has yet to speak out against Mr. McAuliffe for his comments.

No one. Crickets. Why? Because this is the official position of the Democratic Party. Still some brave Democrat would surely swoop in and save the day and clean up Terry McAuliffe’s mess.

So was everybody too busy? Then one brave soul stepped forward.

The masses heard from the patriarch of the Democratic Party, former President Barack Obama. So now some common sense, right? Well, not so much. President Obama doubled

down. He didn’t rebuke candidate McAuliffe. He endorsed him and he campaigned with good old Terry and he chastised you, the American people, for falling for “phony culture wars.”


When former President Barack Obama says that we don’t have time for these “phony culture wars,” don’t you believe that for a second.

Parents in Loudoun County, Virginia are a microcosm of parents throughout our country and our entire region. These are not phony culture wars, Mr. Obama. Parents are mad as hell. We tell the government, not the other way around.

We pay enormous property taxes and wage taxes to fund our schools.

We send trillions of dollars to the U.S. treasury to properly fund our U.S. government, including our schools and the Department of Education.

If we as parents and grandparents cannot have a say in what our children and grandchildren are being taught, then who should. The elites?

These are the same people who have given us gay porn books in high school libraries throughout school districts in the USA. Do they know better than you?

Mr. Obama, as the father of two daughters, knows better. Shame on you, Barack Obama.

Parents are our children’s first and best teachers. Always.

The COVID-19 pandemic has woken up a sleeping giant, parents.

By insisting on virtual Zoom classes, parents were able to see the curtains lifted on what our young people are truly being taught in our taxpayer schools today. Woke ideology. Gender-neutral language and bathrooms. Sexually explicit and inappropriate language being taught to young children.

Critical race theory that sends millions of white children crying at home and telling Mommy and Daddy that their white teacher called them a racist because they have two loving parents waiting for them at home and how dare they not recognize their own white privilege.

No, my friends. This is not acceptable.

China is teaching their children STEM education. They are learning reading, writing, science, computers, technology and English. They are preparing their youth for the 21st and 22nd centuries with a non-woke curriculum.

What about our country?

Kentucky’s Hazard High School has a “Man’s Pageant” with male students dressed in women’s undergarments and giving a lap-dance to the principal while young female students were dressed as Hooters waitresses cheering on this debauchery. Do you feel better? Are our children and grandchildren ready to compete against the Chinese and the rest of the world with our current woke education?

So you can excuse me when I’m upset when liberal elites tell me as a  parent that I shouldn’t have a say in what is taught in my child’s school.

Remember the date, 9/28/2021. May the Democratic Party rest in peace forever.

John Farley



If you drove down Essington Ave. in Southwest Philadelphia, you would see hundreds of discarded tires. I believe they come from some dealers who sell tires and charge a fee to have them legally disposed of, but they dump them and save the fee. The city doesn’t care, and the trash people don’t seem to care. If you get caught dumping tires, you pay a fine. Business as usual. Till next time.

Fred Wollner


Recycling a joke

I was appalled that for weeks now all my recycling has entered the trash and garbage truck. What is the use of recycling if it all ends up in the landfill? All my efforts and others in the city are wasted. Please, mayor and City Council, make this a city that does good by recycling and saves the planet as we are told we should do. Stop the program if we are being duped into thinking that we are doing some good.

Joe Caristo


Error-prone Biden

I thought Joe Biden was the foreign affairs maven. In nine months, he has ignited a war with our NATO allies over the Afghanistan withdrawal and now France over the submarine deal. Granted, France’s problem is more financial than diplomatic. And for the most part in the last century, they weren’t the greatest of allies. In all of these errors, Joe Biden has done more to isolate the United States in nine months than Trump did in four years. In 3½ years left in his term, how much more damage can he do? It might be time for Gen. Milley to take the codes from him.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

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