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Dumbing down schools and the city workplace

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There is nothing like correcting a supposed problem with a supposed solution that creates another problem.

The school district claimed to have a problem with its special-admit schools because of the failed education methods under Superintendent Hite.

Students who were brown and black failed to be admitted in relation to their district proportion of students.

So they are not going to necessarily admit students by being the best, but by ZIP code.

The city just gained voter approval to not use the “Rule of 2” because it also supposedly held back brown and black job candidates.

So this tells me that the best people do not get their just due.

Mayer Krain

Modena Park

Did you know?

Did you know that scientists say that nations must quickly and deeply cut emissions from burning oil, gas and coal to avert the most harrowing impacts of climate change? But China is expanding its mines to produce 220 million metric tons a year of extra coal, a nearly 6% increase from last year. They mine and burn more coal than the rest of the world combined. You don’t hear this from the White House.

Did you know that in August, the Senate voted 48 to 50 not to use federal funding to teach critical race theory with Sen. Manchin the only Democrat voting against the measure? Where were the media on this one?

Did you know that YouTube blocked a rap song Let’s Go Brandon for mocking President Biden? This rap song did not have a single curse word, sexual connotation or racial slurs like other rap songs have. But it was blocked by YouTube (You can Google the words “Let’s Go Brandon, song lyrics” to see the words). Where were the media on this one?

Did you know that President Biden does not want to tax anyone making less than $400,000 but tax corporations and businesses? But will the corporations and the business say, “OK take our profits and pay the trillion-dollar reconciliation bill?” No, the corporations and businesses will keep their profits and pass on the tax bills to the people buying/using their products/services.

And the people making less than the president’s figure can’t afford the increases that will be charged to them while the people making more than $400,000 can afford the increases. You don’t hear this from the Democrats.

Did you know the slogan “Build, Back, Better” should read “Build, Back, Broke?” The media are nowhere to be found.

Joe Nadolski

Academy Gardens


Great going, Philly. Police are not to stop vehicles for minor traffic offenses such as expired inspection stickers and registration. As if non-working lights, brakes, windshield wipers are not important safety issues. When a child is killed due to brakes failing on a car that was not properly inspected or maintained, what will city officials tell that child’s parents. Putting people’s lives in danger because some city officials believe those “minor” safety infractions are more committed by minorities is just plain stupid and irresponsible. And where does Philadelphia get off thinking they do not have to enforce state vehicle safety laws.

In a city that doesn’t seem to know what to do about lawlessness, they sure seem to have no qualms about adding to the problem.

P.S. To all those in West Philadelphia and other already crime-ridden areas that voted for DA Larry Krasner’s re-election: You deserve the substantial increase in crime and tragedy that is headed your way. One Philadelphia law student wrote that she’d like to see Krasner prosecute fewer, if any people at all. Let her remember that when one of her family members is killed by a thug who is out on the streets because Krasner got the charges dropped or refused to prosecute.

Peter DiGiuseppe


Self-defense for women

Many years ago before I became a senior, I took lessons in judo. I learned a lot but, thankfully, I never had to use what I learned to defend myself. When I watch the news on TV or read the newspaper, I’m amazed at all the crime, especially toward women. I urge all women to learn self-defense. Take lessons in judo, karate, boxing, whatever you choose and whatever is in your budget or your parents’ budget. Take a girlfriend with you or form a group of several. One of my idols is Ziva David, one of the members of NCIS. Many fans of NCIS know who she is and why she is my idol. Please, ladies, think about learning how to defend yourself.

Nancy Borland


Do illegals have passports?

We all know by now that there is no border or control of the border, especially at the Texas and Arizona border, at this time.

Every illegal person crossing into our country has no passport and/or was not asked to produce a passport.

So why should I renew my passport for a set fee?

I believe that when and if you travel to another country, you should only have to sign a visitor’s log and write next to your name, “Uncle Joe and Aunt Kamala sent me.”

Richard B. Krzaczek

Lexington Park

Beware biased info

Many people do not realize that a police detective and a scientist do the same thing. A detective will observe and investigate, collect facts and develop a theory as to what happened based on all the evidence, whether or not it agrees with her prior belief. She will test the theory and draw a conclusion. A biologist trying to develop a vaccine does the very same thing.  In both cases if better information is found, the original conclusion is rejected and replaced by the better one. If a person watches only MSNBC or watches only Fox News, they are being fed biased information and not necessarily the truth.

Mel Flitter


Put Kenney on a one-way flight

This tells you how smart our illustrious leader, Kenney, is. He’s giving a speech at the airport to a group of Afghans. The majority don’t speak English. How would you like to get off an airplane that you have been fighting to get on for weeks and now you have Kenney boring you to death. Here he is telling them that they belong in Philadelphia but he’s not telling them they were safer if they stayed in Afghanistan. I guess that slipped his mind. It’s amazing that he can show up at the airport for a photo op but he can never be found when there is a crisis in the city. The only good of Kenney being at the airport is him taking a one-way flight out of town.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

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