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Letters to the Editor

Lame excuses

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Every time there is a shooting, “experts” claim that the cause was poverty, underserved communities, low income, underperforming schools, single mothers, lack of opportunity, no role models and so on. Taxpayers fund a multitude of investigations of the culprits and victims and we are still no closer to a solution. The money would be better spent by studying why the very large number of people living under the same circumstances manage to survive and often thrive. Maybe critics should stop blaming circumstances and encourage personal responsibility.

Mel Flitter


Help homeless woman

Over the last few months. a young woman has taken refuge under a tree, located at the Fox Chase Rec. A homeless organization has come to her aid. They do deserve a lot of credit. But, how is she attending to her personal needs, such as bathing and going to the bathroom? She is a risk to herself, in other ways, branches of the tree could fall, animals could bite her, or she could possibly be raped.

The question being, why can’t the city have more say in making her move to a shelter. Time is passing, and you hope she is not harmed.

Marie Patton

Fox Chase

Open the oil pipeline

The Glasgow climate change conference was a disgrace and a joke. A Big no show was China (Xi Jinping) and Russia (Putin), both countries are huge air polluters.

Now Uncle Joe Biden, the president of the United States of America, was asking for more oil output from Russia, Iran and OPEC. Last year, the USA was energy independent under the leadership of President Donald Trump. Right now, the price of gas is on Uncle Joe because he stopped the Keystone pipeline. Period. So Joe should put on some big boy pants and admit he made a mistake and reopen the pipeline. It takes a real man to admit mistakes.

Richard Krzaczek

Lexington Park

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