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Stop deflecting blame

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In response to Tom Anderson’s letter on 10/6, Tom, I understand you’re trying to deflect blame from Trump over Jan. 6 by blaming the media and the Democrats. So I decided to read the transcripts of his speech that morning (very painful). I don’t know how people sit through all of that rambling. Somehow I made it through. And you’re right, he did use the word “peacefully.” Once. Do you know what word he used 21 times? Fight. Let’s not forget Rudy’s comment that day, “Let’s have trial by combat.” Are you saying that isn’t trying to incite the crowd? Let’s face it, Tom, Jan. 6 was an insurrection at the request of the former president, not a protest. And yes, I believe that they definitely intended to disrupt the process and they did. And, yes, those who participated are traitors and the former president is guilty of treason. And just to let you know, 95% of the drugs from South America come through commercial shipping, not illegal immigrants. It took me time to write back because I research and fact check information before I put it in writing. I’ll still be voting Democratic, thank you.

Dave Chester


Another bad Philly decision

The ballot this election had four very important questions, Naturally, since it is tradition, Philly voters approved all four. Just FYI, I voted yes on one of the questions.

The one that really stands out is eliminating the hiring of the top two candidates based on the highest test scores. I would understand and agree with changing it from 2 to maybe 4. This would enable you to take into consideration factors such as work-related experience. You can form your own opinion of what this means. I have my opinion and we can be assured we will no longer fill jobs with the most qualified candidates. Our hiring practices will be on par with the 76ers draft picks.

My understanding is the genesis for this is Councilwoman Parker made the claim that using only the top test scores were racist and discriminated against minorities. I am not certain how she arrived at this since my understanding is the test is color blind. I have not been able to find anything about this from her supporting this claim. The sad part is that it is totally the wrong direction.

Her message to minorities is you are not good enough to qualify so I lowered the standards for you. You do not have to work to improve. We changed the ground rules for you. She is encouraging mediocrity. This goes along with everybody getting a trophy and no child left behind. The rest of the industrialized world is passing us by because we keep lowering the standards to accommodate those who do not qualify rather than providing them with the means to improve themselves and encouraging them to aspire to be more.

I coached basketball for many years. My role as a coach was to help everyone on the team strive to be the best player they could be and help their team win. Just my humble opinion but maybe this should be the approach for our country and society as a whole.

Anthony Dello Russo Jr.

Fox Chase

Did you know?

Did you know that with the recent elections, the liberals were saying that education and critical race theory were not involved in the reason why Virginia turned red, and New Jersey almost turned red? But there were 48 Democratic senators who voted to federally fund critical race theory in public schools.

Did you know that in the city of Seattle, a Republican won the city attorney’s race (basically the district attorney who manages more than 100 attorneys) from a liberal who tweeted a few months before the election that the person who bombed the police station was a “hero?” But still over 45% of the voters voted for the liberal.

Did you know that Portland has yet to make any arrests after a group of around 100 anarchists marched through the city’s downtown, damaging local businesses, tagging buildings with “Kill Cops” and “Riots Work” and lighting Dumpsters on fire in the street resulting in estimated damages of at least $500,000? The police stood idly by since they passed a new law that police cannot use tear gas or rubber bullets against the looters and arsonists. (Will that happen in Philly?)

Did you know that President Biden is negotiating with the ACLU to give payments to immigrants who entered this country illegally? Yes, even though President Biden stated that the $450,000 figure was “not going to happen,” the White House is negotiating a figure close to $450,000 to pay the families that entered the U.S. illegally and then separated from their families. Cost to U.S. taxpayers, $1 billion. That is 1,000,000,000.

Did you know that the organization that is representing the illegal immigrants is the ACLU. I thought the A in ACLU stood for American.

Did you know that if a single parent was caught burglarizing a home, then arrested, and the child is taken away from the parent, the burglar and the child will receive the same payments as the immigrants who entered the U.S. illegally? I’m sorry, that is not true since that person was already a citizen and didn’t break into the country.

Joe Nadolski

Academy Gardens

Don’t be an ingrate

How ironic that in summer 2020, the nation was set ablaze by riots, looting and people angry against America.

We had athletes taking the knee against the flag and the national anthem and big corporations bankrolling the BLM movement.

And with the Summer Olympics in 2021, we now had those same corporations as proud sponsors of the USA Olympic teams. How ironic.

At one time, they denounced America and now they sign off their endorsements chanting “Go USA.”

So what is it with your wishy-washy politics?

But then again there’s no reprimanding the athlete who faced away from the American flag during the medal ceremony after she won the bronze medal. And she went as far as saying she was “pissed” that the Star-Spangled Banner was played during her medal acceptance.

All this because she is against the oppression of black people in America?

What oppression? You are a black athlete representing America sent over to the Olympics on your own merit of athletic achievement.

You should be proud to have achieved that opportunity in America.

You should be proud of our founding fathers who, along with the enslaved blacks, fought side by side to create a free republic from the monarch of England.

You should be proud that millions of our brethren American white brothers, sons and husbands, along with black regiments, died in the Civil War to end slavery of the blacks.

You should be proud that both whites and blacks marched and worked together to create the civil rights movement under Kennedy and Johnson.

Enough already of the oppression nonsense and dissing the flag.

Let’s celebrate the freedom that we have all accomplished together by looking at the sacrifices of the past from all Americans who fought for that freedom.

That’s the same reason you, the athlete, honor your Olympic medal because of the achievement of your victory.

And that’s why we salute the flag, to honor those sacrifices and achievements, not to turn away from it.

Al Ulus


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