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Hooray – an honest auto mechanic

I know your editorial page is usually people complaining, but hope that you will publish this positive testimonial as well.

As an 82-year-old woman with a 16-year-old car, I was concerned to see a red light on my dash indicating what I thought was a battery issue.  Since the battery was still under warranty, I returned to the major auto retailer store where I purchased it. I was told there was no problem with my battery, but that I needed a new alternator at a cost of $788. When I questioned this cost as being too high, I was encouraged to participate in their financing program at an exorbitant interest rate. I called my usual repair mechanic, who quoted me a price of $470 to replace an alternator.

When I took my car in to my regular mechanic, Dave’s Automotive Center, 7000 Torresdale Ave. (215-624-8151), they advised there was no problem with my battery OR alternator but that the red light was for the cooling system. I had the leaking water tank and sensor replaced with all-new antifreeze at a total cost of $206.00. They also instructed me how to tell the difference between these 2 similar warning lights.

After over 20 years of doing business with them, I can give them my most deserving recommendation.

Theresa Cassidy


Keep fighting for education

I am one of Rep. Kevin Boyle’s constituents in the 172nd Legislative District. I noticed Boyle was one of the sponsors of House Bill 923, which would allow municipalities in Pennsylvania to set their own minimum wage. I also noticed that the bill has not been moved since its introduction in March, eight months ago. Pennsylvania is a very diverse state and each of its counties are in different situations. Philadelphia is in an especially dire situation. Low wages are one of the biggest reasons for the high poverty rate in Philadelphia. With COVID-19 and the inflation, it will be even more difficult for those already struggling to get by. I believe that each municipality should be able to set their own minimum wage. This way, the ratio of the cost of living to the minimum wage will come to a balance with other counties in Pennsylvania.

I also appreciate his support for the education system. Years ago, Boyle voted not to strip funding of an education system that was already low on funds. Currently, the public schools in Philadelphia are in a bad state. There is a lack of supplies and funding in many schools and it is negatively affecting the student’s ability to learn properly. Teachers should also be paid more for their efforts than they currently do. When teachers aren’t worrying about their bills, they are able to focus more on teaching their students. In some facilities, teachers are forced to buy their own supplies for their classroom. The quality of the teacher reflects on their students. Education is one of the most important things that a child can receive and I hope Kevin Boyle can continue to fight for us.

Jiahao Xu

Julia Masterman High School

Improve the environment

I am writing to you in hope of convincing Ed Neilson to continue to advocate for the transition from non-renewable to renewable energy sources in Pennsylvania. It is evident that unless a large-scale effort is made to prevent pollution from greenhouse gases, the earth and its atmosphere will continue to suffer. HR148, a bill that Ed Neilson has co-sponsored, urges the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to revise the nationwide renewable fuel standard, and claims that it will continue to add additional reform in due time. I recognize that this bill was only signed and enacted on Nov. 8, but I don’t see a better time to act on the environment than the present. I hope that in deciding new standards, Rep. Neilson will continue to emphasize an increase of the use of renewable resources.

Staying consistent with the topic of renewable energy and Neilson’s support for HR148, I saw that he co-sponsored HB100, which additionally advocates for a transition to renewable energy sources. It also imposes duties on many environmentally focused agencies to assist with such a transition, and forms several associations, such as the Renewable Energy Transition Task Force, to administer the shift. I think that Neilson should continue to advocate for HB100 to be approved. I believe it’s likely that the wage requirement for Energy Producing Systems is significant to the bill’s enactment because everyone likes higher wages. Maybe Rep. Neilson should consider revising the bar for the standard wage of Energy Producing Systems to be set higher, pulling that money from elsewhere in the bill, if helpful in appealing to the committee.

Benjamin Steketee

Julia Masterman High School

Teach basic money

I was so happy to read your cover story Kevin Hart surprises George Washington students. Spot on. Cash-poor communities stay that way because people don’t learn in school or elsewhere how to manage money. I am so glad that this issue has come to light. Back in the day, banking was an important part of a student’s education. There is so much to teach students about how to save, spend, plan and invest in a future. It doesn’t seem like it is even a part of family life anymore … everything is ATMs and credit cards. Finance is one of the most decisive ways that make a person self sufficient and independent. There is no free lunch in life. Thank you, Kevin Hart and Chase Bank, for opening one of the true problems in this country … basic money smarts.

Carol Malinowski

Morrell Park

Great job, Naz girls

Just a letter of compliment for all the good works those young girls at Nazareth Academy did, packaging toiletries, supplies and candy for the Afghan refugees. God bless teacher Jim Daniels for approaching the Nationalities Service Center and getting the info needed to get the students involved in such a worthwhile project. The good work the girls did hopefully will bring back signs of brotherly love in our city of Philadelphia. I’m so tired of all the gun violence you hear about on the news every day and night. It’s such a blessing to hear something good for a change. May God bless all the young students who participated in this wonderful and loving goodwill project. We are to love our neighbors as ourselves, according to God’s holy word, the Bible.

Mary M. Roberts


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