Home Crime Man jailed after firing shots following car chase

Man jailed after firing shots following car chase

Police arrested a man on Thursday night after a vehicle pursuit through Tacony and Mayfair that ended after the suspect fired at officers.

According to police, 15th district officers came upon a black Jeep Trailhawk on the 6800 block of Ditman St. at about 5:20 p.m. The vehicle had no tag and was believed to have been used in several robberies.

Officers watched the vehicle until a man jumped inside and drove off. A pursuit ensued until the Jeep struck a pole on the 7300 block of Revere St.

The suspect jumped out and fired eight times at police with a semi-automatic Glock. He fled and tossed the weapon onto the roof of the OfficeMax at 7231 Roosevelt Blvd. He tried to hide under a car, but was apprehended.

Neither the suspect nor officers were injured, and no officers fired their guns. ••

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