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Letters to the Editor

Don’t watch Olympics

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On Twitter the campaign is called #notoneminute.

This is the campaign to ask the good people of the United States and the world to not watch or support the disgraceful, state-run production of the “Genocide Games,” better known as the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, China.

Not one minute! Not even one second! Don’t watch this year’s Olympics!

Why shouldn’t I watch this year’s Winter Olympics?

Because during this year’s “Genocide Games” in China, the “elites” in D.C. and Hollywood, the NBA and Nike, the World Health Organization and Pfizer, all will look on and grin and clap like good little corporate stooges for the disgraceful Chinese dictatorship. This is a $4 billion donation-in-kind commercial for the Communist Party of China during this year’s Winter Olympics. This gives license and legitimacy to Xi’s China. This allows China to join polite society during a massive genocide campaign against the Uyghur Muslims of China.

So who will speak out against China? Certainly not Nancy Pelosi.

Speaker Pelosi has instructed that, ” … our U.S. athletes should not speak out against the Chinese Communist Party in Beijing, lest they risk incurring the anger of the Chinese government.” What absolute cowardice from the Speaker of the House. Who will speak out against the atrocities of China?

Did FDR advise the U.S. athletes to keep quiet in the 1936 games over in Hitler’s Nazi Germany? No.

Did Jimmy Carter keep the diplomats home but send the U.S. athletes over to the brutal Communist regime in the 1980 games in Brezhnev’s Soviet Union? No.

Why is 2022 any different from 1936 or 1980? Why is the world rewarding the murderous thugs running Xi’s China? Why are we all scared to speak out against China? Why isn’t the Biden administration totally boycotting the China games and speaking out for the 12 million Uyghur Muslims under slavery and mass internment camps in China? Is this 2022 or 1939? Will Joe Biden speak out against China?

Of course while our U.S. diplomats and politicians will pretend not to dirty their own hands in staying over in genocidal China this year, their close friends at NBC, Comcast, Coca-Cola, Disney and Nike will gladly take their blood money and hand it over to China and Washington, D.C. Disgraceful.

During Comcast’s non-stop, 24/7, three-week, $4 billion propaganda commercial for Xi’s China, who will stand up and speak out against the murder, slavery, concentration camps and genocidal eradication of the Uyghur Muslims.

Will NBC? Will Nike? Will you?

Do we really need to see all of that enslaved, cheap labor making new shoes so that we can give Nike $170 for a new pair of Air Jordans? Do our kids really need those “blood-stained” shoes made by the forced slavery of the Uyghurs in China?

Remember which country brought you the worldwide pandemic that has killed 900,000 Americans the last two years.

Remember which country of evil, murderous thugs pays off our government and business leaders to look the other way while committing unspeakable acts and crimes against humanity.

Remember which country wants to eradicate an entire class of Muslim people.

Look away from the “Genocide Games,” but not the Uyghurs of China.

Please remember, when it comes to the 2022 Winter Olympic games #notoneminute.

John Farley


Boyle is good on guns

I am a high school senior and one of the constituents of Kevin Boyle in the 172nd district. I have lived in Philadelphia my whole life and I have seen gun violence rates increase throughout the years. Gun violence is extremely detrimental to poor communities and communities of color and I am writing to ask Kevin Boyle to sponsor a bill that would make it harder for guns to be obtained and require stricter background checks.

I have reviewed the details of Boyle’s recent voting status and I saw that he voted no on HB 970 that would authorize gun owners and firearm organizations to challenge local gun laws that are stricter than state laws. It is also noted that he voted no to authorize school guards to carry guns and voted nay on HB 1747 that would limit the governor’s ability to restrict firearm access during a disaster emergency. His voting record on bills such as these leads me to believe that he is in favor of stricter gun control laws and that he recognizes how harmful gun violence is to Philadelphia citizens. I understand that when people think of gun violence, the image of Northeast Philadelphia and the 172nd district doesn’t usually come to mind, but this doesn’t mean that people in this area don’t feel the damaging effects.

After evaluating the features of this bill and seeing that it passed the committee, I am hoping that he will also vote no on SB 565 that I believe would give gun owners unnecessary rights, especially in times of emergency. Sponsorship of SB 565 consists of only Republican leaders that shows me that it is not bipartisan and that Democratic House members understand how harmful it is. Based on Boyle’s rallying in Harrisburg in 2019 when he announced that he was seeking cosponsors for legislation that would prohibit large capacity ammunition magazines, I am confident that he will work with other Democratic lawmakers to stop bills like SB 565 from passing the House and becoming dangerous to all law-abiding citizens of Pennsylvania.

Mtab Habib

Julia Masterman High School

Rogan > Neil Young

I hope Neil Young will remember, America don’t need him around anyhow. So old man take a look at your life, and know we’re not like you. And we will keep on rockin’ in the free world and support Joe Rogan and free speech.

Tom Anderson

Holme Circle

Good riddance

School Superintendent Hite’s contract expires Aug. 31. The school board stated to the press it had no intention of renewing but just let it run out. The school board probably doesn’t want to make the same mistakes like the Arlene Ackerman buyout for almost wasting $1 million of taxpayers’ money, by firing him early. However, Hite tells the press that he wasn’t going to seek renewal of his contract, but it wasn’t offered and wasn’t going to be offered. Yo Hite, your reading comprehension isn’t on par, hopefully the students read and comprehend issues better.

Mayer Krain

Modena Park

Don’t believe the stats

It’s difficult for the City of Philadelphia to have correct crime statistics. Under Krasner, everything is downgraded. Aggravated assault is now assault and burglary is now trespass. This gives his statistics skewed value. A better way to judge his office is to go back and see how many gun charges or robbery charges were dropped. A prime example was the real estate developer who got in the fight with the food delivery man and was stabbed to death. In the final plea, there was no weapons charge involved. It’s difficult to stab anyone without a weapon. When you look at the murders where perpetrators were caught and their records were released, how many of them had charges downgraded or dropped. The old adage statistics lie and you can lie with statistics comes home to roost in the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

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