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Local mom, barber a model person

Nikki Fox is returning to modeling after taking a long hiatus to raise her children. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO
Nikki Fox is returning to modeling after taking a long hiatus to raise her children. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

Nikki Fox thought her modeling days were over.

Turns out, they might just be getting started.

Fox, a former student at Archbishop Ryan, and single mother of four, modeled when she was in high school, but got pregnant with her oldest son while she was in school. Instead of photo shoots, she was changing diapers and working hard to be a good mom.

That has never changed.

“I was modeling every weekend, and when I got pregnant, I knew I would be OK,” said Fox, who lives in Morrell Park with her sons, 18-year–old Kevin Roemhild, 16-year-old Sean Roemhild, 11-year-old Camryn Cranzley and 10-year-old John Cranzley. “I never thought I would go back to it, but sometimes God has a plan. That’s really what this feels like.”

Fox is now in the running to be a cover girl for Inked Magazine, a publication that shows off tattoos of its models. She has a bunch of them, including one of the rapper Drake, which earned her the name “Drake Girl.”

The contest is determined by online voting and as of Monday evening, she was in first place.

“It’s so exciting, this is so unexpected, but it’s been so much fun,” Fox said. “It’s crazy because I gave up modeling for my children and my two oldest (junior football players at Archbishop Ryan) are getting ready for college and now I’m going back to modeling. It’s like it’s meant to be.”

Fox has the pedigree from being a model, but she hasn’t lived that life in quite a while.

On top of being a mom, she works as a barber at John’s Barber Shop on Street Road in Bensalem. She also does her best to help those struggling with addiction because she was dealing with that at one time.

Winning this contest will only help her in that endeavor.

On top of getting a contract, Inked will give her exposure, and she’ll use social media to become an influencer. She plans on using her fame for good.

“I want to do this because so many people have helped me, and now I want to help people,” Fox said. “I’ve been lucky. I have a great family. I love my boys. But I (struggled with addiction) and I beat it. I’ve got sober in 2015 and working in the barbershop has helped.

“I try to help people who come in there who need it. My brother is great, he helps, too, when someone needs help, he is always there. But my customers in the barbershop are like family. They’re always there for me and I’ll always be there for them.”

Now she’s just hoping all of her friends, family and fans vote for her to get the contract with Inked.

And if she wins, it will be based on her beauty and her tattoos. And rest assured, her mom approves of all the images on the site.

“A lot of the girls sent in nude photos, and I wouldn’t do that,” she said with a laugh. “Every photo I thought about using, I got mom’s permission. You have to show your tattoos, but my mom approved all of them.”

Voting is taking place through Thursday. To vote, visit https://bit.ly/3v7a1Sq. ••

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