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City Council wrong again

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Is City Council, which voted 12-4 to provide workers with paid COVID leave through 2023, on the same planet? The world is opening up. COVID numbers are down. There is no reason for City Council to again intrude into the business world. Just because they have ruined the city, there is no reason for them to ruin the business world (what’s left of it). Maybe they should spend their time finding the city payroll system first. They must sit on their thrones and think of ways to chase businesses out of the city. No plastic bags, no arrests for shoplifting, work schedules 2 weeks in advance, soda and tobacco taxes, city wage tax, business privilege tax, etc. Now we have to worry about safely driving to work because of the illegal changes to the automobile laws that Council has passed. And they wonder why there is all that empty office space downtown.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

Boyle strong on education, women’s rights

Representing the 172nd district of Philadelphia for the past 11 years, Kevin Boyle has worked hard to better his community and ensure Philadelphians´ rights. Boyle was elected in 2010 as state representative and has additionally served as chairman of the House Finance Committee. Earning a master’s degree in education from Harvard University, Boyle has made improving education a priority and continues to do so. However, he also focuses on reproductive and birth control rights, in addition to many more, which makes him a well-respected and well-rounded representative for the most part.

In 2020, Kevin Boyle, along with other representatives, introduced H.B. 2813, which aims to provide Pennsylvania residents with equitable access to birth control. This bill allows employers to be exempt from the Affordable Care Act mandates to include contraceptives on company healthcare plans if it goes against religious or moral values. This is a major breakthrough in reproductive rights. When talking about the passing of H.B. 2813, Boyle commented: “I think opposing poverty is one of the biggest moral things you can do, and that’s why you should support this bill. All the evidence, all the studies demonstrate that unplanned pregnancies are one of the biggest drivers of poverty not just for women, but for men.” I strongly agree with Rep. Kevin Boyle´s stand on reproductive rights and hope he continues to fight for these issues in the future.

Additionally, Kevin Boyle also prioritizes education and students’ right to a valuable learning experience. With a background studying education, Boyle has sponsored bills that would improve education, as well as opposed bills that would create negative effects on education. In times of the pandemic, Boyle has also made it clear that he wants to make education more accessible. He believes that each child should be provided with equal access to education, no matter their socioeconomic status, and has collaborated with his brother, Brendan Boyle, on the REACH Scholarship, which aims to provide a chance for students who demonstrate academic excellence to go to college for free.

And while I appreciate his past activism and role in the Philadelphia community fighting for birth control, contraceptive and reproductive rights, as well as his engagement in education, I feel that there is an urgency for bills counteracting the rising issue that global warming has become. Upon looking at his past role in proposing or sponsoring environmental bills, I saw that Boyle recently took part in the approval of some bills including H.B. 2025, which requires legislative authorization before entering a state or regional greenhouse gas cap-and-trade program, and HB 1410, which authorizes funds to remove PFAS from drinking water. Additionally, despite the three or four bills he took part in more recently (2020 and 2019), the last vote Boyle participated in was more than 7 years ago, voting in opposition. Though I am aware Kevin Boyle holds certain issues at a higher priority, I believe that acting on climate change should be held at that same level because it is just as crucial as education or women´s rights.

Kira Gulko

Julia Masterman High School

Shout out to student

As a parent of two students in the Philadelphia public school district, I was very encouraged to read such a terrific opinion letter by a student, Xiaoxin Li, from Masterman High School. This student expressed their thoughts on the work that state Rep. Ed Neilson has done regarding education. What especially impressed me was how they mentioned the things that Mr. Neilson should be doing  to help with improvements in the school buildings.

It is nice to see someone not just praising a person they are in agreement with, but letting them know they could do more. When I got to the end of this letter and saw it was written by a student, I realized we adults who write opinions in this paper could learn a lesson from this young person. No one is perfect, no matter how much you agree with them or their policies.

Thank you, Xiaoxin, for your intelligent, honest opinion. I wish you the best in the rest of your academic career.

Eileen Teti

Castor Gardens

Dr. Oz may be a RINO, but not a rhino

RINO stands for Republican In Name Only. Marie Patton from Fox Chase expressed concern about a political ad comparing Dr. Oz to an animal. Thank you, Marie, for your article and I am quite sure Dr. Oz appreciates. The ad has no intention of comparing Dr. Oz to an actual rhino. There is a primary campaign upon us this spring and his opponent is expressing a very common branding in the Republican Party. By calling Dr. Oz a RINO, Dave McCormick is accusing him of being disingenuous about his conservative values and saying Dr. Oz is merely acting “conservative” to get the Republican nomination. If this accusation is true, Dr. Oz would certainly not be the first candidate to campaign like this, but I suggest holding judgment and investigating for yourself. Ironically, I remember years ago the Republicans were often  portrayed with elephant images in papers while Democrats had donkey images. I have no idea why but comparing politicians to animals is nothing new.

Steve Madden


Address gun crimes

Philadelphia has reached new records for gun killings on its streets because it fails to properly describe the target.

Could the reasons be it may be politically incorrect, racist or offend someone, etc.?

Buying back guns may be just a feel-good method but the results don’t seem to matter.

Passing more gun laws only affects law-abiding citizens and creates more bureaucracy.

List the perpetrators by age, race, sex, mindset for killing, ZIP codes, etc. That will describe the real target to concentrate our efforts.

Then involve relatives, neighbors, teachers, counselors, police, businesspeople, politicians with taxpayer dollars.

Mayer Krain

Modena Park

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