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Admit the best to magnet schools

The school district is trying to have equity when applying to its magnet schools.

But the new system has not been tried until now.

Many students who thought they would be vetted under the previous methods just found out they did not get a seat starting in September 2022.

It would be a shame if the best students did not get accepted and others who may struggle get accepted because some computer picked them by ZIP code.

I think the new system should be investigated and compared to the previous one to see what happens to the white, black, brown and Asian students.

When equity has not been defined and proven, then all changes for a new outcome are skeptical.

Mayer Krain

Modena Park

Double standard

Joe Biden made a campaign promise to nominate only black females for a critically important position, that of a Supreme Court justice. There was no outrage by anyone, including the media, for something this discriminatory. Now let us imagine that Trump won the election and announced he would only nominate white males for this position. You already know the reaction this would receive. Why the dual standard? Can only whites be racists?

Blacks make up approximately 13% of our population. That means 87% of our population was excluded from consideration. The role of our leaders is to make certain we appoint the very best candidate for this position. Gender and skin color are not job qualifications. I know nothing about the candidate being interviewed. However, going just by statistics, there will be at least two candidates in this 87% more qualified than the current nominee.

My understanding of federal hiring practices, neither EEOC nor the U.S. Constitution allows you to hire only by race or gender. If you give preferential treatment to someone, you are discriminating against everyone else.

How hypocritical to appoint someone to the highest court in the land, the Supreme Court, violating the laws they will be sworn to protect. If we really want racial equality, then we must actually practice it, including all levels of governments. Anything else will only widen the gap.

Anthony Dello Russo

Fox Chase

Biden doing outstanding job

I am responding to the long letter of March 23.

First, I want to give praise to our current President Biden. He is an outstanding president, in my book. He has done more in the year he has been in office than the former one did in four.

The former one divided our country, even in families, and tried to get rid of NATO, and praised Putin [the murderer] for his war.

I could go on for a long time, but I think the smart Americans will agree with me. Smart ones will support President Biden.

Barbara Ziccardi


Let’s help valiant Ukraines

Thank you for your front-page cover story, Coming together for Ukraine (March 30). The humanitarian response worldwide to the plight of 4 million refugees escaping Russian brutality in Ukraine has been extremely gratifying. Americans have once again shown that their hearts are in the right place by aiding the victims of this latest Russian aggression.

There is another aspect of this war that must be addressed: The pleas of Ukraine’s president for more weapons to help Ukrainians resist the Russian invasion of their homeland. Unfortunately, the White House at times appears to be dragging its feet on this critical issue. Let us all call on our lawmakers in Washington to press for more weapons so that the valiant Ukrainians can stop the Russian bear now before he extends his bloody paws toward the rest of Europe.

Other Western countries are looking at the United States for leadership. Let us not see a repeat of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 and the Czechoslovakia Revolution of 1968, when the West simply watched as Russian tanks butchered freedom-loving patriots in those countries,

Leo Iwaskiw


Freedom of choice

Anti-vaccination advocates say that it is their bodies and in the name of freedom choose not to get the injection. Women wanting an abortion also say that it is their body and they deserve the same freedom of choice. Both selfishly ignore the fact that other lives are involved. An unvaccinated person increases deaths as the COVID pandemic spreads and kills innocent people. An abortion does the same thing to an innocent unborn child. However, avoiding death at all cost is not always the best choice. A dying patient in a hospital in agony with no hope of survival begs for an overdose of morphine as an act of mercy and to be allowed to die with dignity. On the other hand Roman gladiators, hunting and fishing solely for sport is death for amusement. War also should be only a last resort. All life is precious. A moral society must choose wisely as to what to encourage and what to discourage. Are we our brother’s keeper? Turning our backs on world famine and disease ignores our common humanity. Destruction of the environment for financial gain is a sin against future generations. Cheapening life should be avoided. Wisdom is knowing what to value.

Mel Flitter


Gas prices, term limits

The president has the gall to say to the American people that because of the actions taken by Putin in the Ukraine invasion, we the people of the USA will be paying higher gas and oil prices and to prepare for it and suck it up.

When is enough, enough?

We have heard this statement a thousand times or more, that we were energy independent, until Uncle Joe stopped the Keystone Pipeline, fracking and drilling in Alaska.

I wish someone would answer this question, why should America depend on oil from Russia and make Putin rich.

We also ask Iran for oil. This is stupid. Why? Iran, the people there, burn the American flag and say “Death to America.” Why make them rich?
I remember watching TV about 1960-1961, seeing and hearing the USSR’s Nikita Khrushchev say, we will bury you from within.

Just look at our politicians in Congress.

Example, these congresswomen – AOC, Talib and Omar, just to name a few – no doubt they are marxist and socialist.

Look at the truth. They are in Congress to be served, not to serve you.

Term limits in Congress, one example, Pelosi, in Congress just to keep paying for facelifts.

If you can’t get your platform/agenda accomplished in 6 years, then Dem or Rep. should get out of politics. I believe our country will be better for it.

Remember Biden said from day one, he would unite America. Joe, look in the mirror and see who is looking back now.

Do the right thing, open the pipeline.

Richard Krzaczek

Lexington Park

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