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Autism treatment center opens in Bustleton

NeurAbilities Healthcare last week cut the ribbon on its newest treatment center, at 9601 Bustleton Ave.

The center features a child-friendly airplane theme – in a nod to nearby Northeast Philadelphia Airport – including giant wall murals and other design features.

There are 10 one-on-one treatment rooms. An indoor play area – which includes playground equipment for climbing and swinging – helps kids learn a range of skills, including communication and socialization. The centers also provide in-home treatment for children and can serve children in their school, daycare program or other community sites.

NeurAbilities CEO Kathleen Stengel, an Archbishop Ryan graduate, and staff members discussed the organization’s services for children with autism and other neurological and behavioral conditions. Stengel said autism occurs in about one in 44 children nationwide.

In all, there are 10 centers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and two more will open soon in Fairmount and Lancaster.

The Voorhees, New Jersey-based practice is a nationally accredited applied behavioral analysis (ABA) treatment provider. Stengel recommends parents speak to their doctor as they consider NeurAbilities. Services are generally covered by insurance or Medicaid.

Treatment generally starts when a child is about 14 months old.

“This gives us a chance for early, intensive intervention,” Stengel said.

The new center is needed, according to Stengel.

“We have a wait list here before even opening our doors,” she said.

Hours are weekdays from 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., or by appointment.

Forty people work at the Bustleton center, with 280 employed at all of the centers.

“Right now, I have 65 job openings,” Stengel said.

Anyone with a high school diploma can apply for a job and receive paid training and competitive pay and benefits. The company is looking for people who have passion and want to make an impact. College tuition assistance is available. Priority is given to experienced candidates and those who are bilingual or know sign language.

To inquire about employment, to make an appointment, to hear about success stories or for more information, visit NeurAbilities.com, call 856-346-0005 or email info@NeurAbilities.com. ••

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