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Letters to the Editor

No heads-up from local city officials

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Beginning early last week, Byberry Road in Somerton was abruptly closed during the day between Evans Road and Worthington Road for an unstated duration. Closing this stretch of road has a major impact on many people living and working nearby, and the closure doubtless surprised almost everyone who encountered it. The city, which was responsible for the work, did little or nothing to announce or publicize it through newspapers, websites or organizations from which people affected were likely to obtain information.

In other places, local elected officials take enough of an interest in the communities they represent to regard it as part of their job to gather and circulate information about projects like this in advance. Too bad we apparently have no one like that in this part of the city.

Chris Bordelon


End Boulevard speed cameras

The push is on to renew Roosevelt Boulevard speed cameras.

Boulevard speed cameras are part of an enforcement-for-profit racket embraced by Harrisburg that has nothing to do with safety: Speed cameras exist only to raise money. Cameras can’t stop accidents, they can only take pictures. The reason the Boulevard is unsafe is because the city refuses to use best practices highway safety engineering to fix the problems.

Boulevard speed cameras have magically been found to be a great success by the PPA. So successful, in fact, that we are now being told that the camera program should be renewed in 2023. All camera data is kept secret by PA law, so any “statistics” that are released are suspect.

The Inquirer reported the PPA was under investigation by the FBI for red light camera irregularities. How can we possibly trust them with speed cameras? “Studies” showing speed cameras to be effective come from people who profit from camera enforcement.

To immediately stop the speeding, all that’s needed is to synchronize the traffic lights to 45 MPH. But the city won’t do that. Philadelphia will keep the Boulevard dangerous because of the profits.

The goal is to blanket the entire state with speed cameras, an intention that has already been voiced in Harrisburg. As a ruse to sell the cameras, tickets have a fine but no points, making cameras a little less onerous.

Speed cameras should be banned in Pennsylvania and the Boulevard re-engineered for safety, not left deadly for camera profits.

Tom McCarey

National Motorists Association

Walk a mile in my moccasins

Considering the most recent current events and what seems to be happening this whole 21st Century, the following message is most appropriate. I am a school teacher. My first year of teaching was on a Native American reservation. I saw a sign many times during my one-year tenure and it made a tremendous impact on me. “Oh great spirit; grant that I may not criticize my neighbor till I’ve walked a mile in his moccasins.” Sometimes the most simple and important messages have to constantly be re-learned. I most fervently hope that we all practice what we all should preach.

Ron Farbman


I do remember

I could never vote for any Republican because I DO remember!

I remember:

– being told that the COVID-19 pandemic was a hoax and would be over by Easter 2020.

– no paper towels, no toilet paper, no Clorox wipes, no cleaning supplies and basic food items in short supply.

– the attacks on science.

– the presidential election lie from the moron in Mar-a-Lago.

– gutless Republicans like Martina White too cowardly to speak up about Trump’s lie and simply tell the truth.

– almost every Pennsylvania Republican legislator, Martina White included, signing and sending a letter to Congress in an attempt to disenfranchise every single voter in the commonwealth.

– the Jan. 6 Insurrection.

– Confederate flags in the Capitol building.

– D.C. Police Officer Michael Fanone begging for his life while beaten and tased by the MAGA insurrectionist.

– all the injured police officers who defended our republic from the MAGA insurrection.

I remember all these things and many, many more. The bigger question is why don’t YOU remember.

Gary Malaby


Inadequate services

City services were atrocious before the pandemic. Now they have been using the pandemic as an excuse for the services being inadequate but they can sign union contracts with raises real quick. The streets are trash strewn, abandoned cars and houses are the norm, and all our powers-to-be are worried about is make sure you’re wearing a mask. They should really say to wear a Kevlar vest and helmet because of all the shootings. Kenney is fiddling like Nero as the city fails. And Marie Antoinette (Outlaw) and Louis XIV (Krasner) say to eat our cake and be happy. As Philadelphia burns.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

Stupid, socialist idea

The left-wing socialists (Sens. Warren, Sanders, etc) of a major political party want to bribe for votes this year with up to $50,000 of our tax dollars to eliminate college debt.

How do the people who worked hard, saved their money, did without, avoided college loans now get their fair share?

In earning enough to pay our children’s college tuition, we probably paid more in federal taxes.

So our extra tax dollars are supposed to be going to others who didn’t struggle as we did.

I thought we lived in a capitalist country?

I could use an extra $100,000 (2 students, no loans) and I still wouldn’t vote for them.

Mayer Krain

Modena Park

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