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Beware property tax hike

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It is not enough that we’ve had two years of COVID restrictions, a massive increase in crime and even an annoying ban on plastic bags.

Now the City intends to increase our property taxes by an average of 31 percent. On a typical Northeast twin, that would be roughly $600.

In a time of the worst inflation in 40 years (the cruelest tax), when many consumer items are up 25% in price, and the cost of gasoline makes driving misery — do you have an extra $600 or more to give the city?

Is Philly really starved for revenue? I’d like to know what City Hall has done with all that COVID money from Washington?

The schools got a ton of dough — which could actually allow for a rebate in our property taxes. (Fat chance.) The way I see it is this — we already paid you the $600 through our federal taxes sent back as COVID payments. Stop being greedy.

If you want to see your 2023 tax bill, you now can at property.phila.gov. I suggest you have a friend nearby – one who knows CPR.

Council is concerned over this hike, so make sure you tell them how angry you are with the mayor’s hand, once again in your pocket.

Richard Iaconelli


The right to murder

Recently two 18-year-old boys were perpetrators of mass shootings. One took place at a supermarket and the other at an elementary school. Yet, all along our legislators have sat on their rear end and did nothing to pass bills that would help to curtail such shootings. In the quest of a right to have a weapon, they have forgotten that this right is leading to murder. No bills have been passed to ban assault weapons, background checks or psychological testing. From Sandy Hook until now, various mass shootings have taken place. The whole thing is a disgrace, and makes you wonder if our legislators are advocating murder instead of the right to have a gun.

Marie Patton

Fox Chase

The Children’s Lesson

How many more children must die

Before you begin to trust the wisdom

That’s shared by all those in the know

When will your empty minds begin to grow

The centuries have all been passing by

But your minds stay routed way behind

The things that you thought were so clear

Well they no longer have any place here

Maybe you didn’t share that trigger

But I figure you still shared the blame

By allowing animals to walk among us

And giving cowards their worldwide fame

How many more have to be laid to rest

Before you decide to finally protect them

And how many children will continue to fall

While those in charge continue to neglect them

Our children deserve so much better

Our children look towards us for safety

They love learning the lessons we teach

But why is our lesson still out of our reach

Maybe you didn’t share that trigger

But I figure you still shared the blame

By allowing animals to walk among us

And giving cowards their worldwide fame

John J. Ruppert


Where’s the apology?

After you have seen the face of a madman, Vladimir Putin, unleash his evil power on Ukraine and the world, you called Donald Trump a megalomaniac dictator? Putin is the real diabolical dictator that Trump never was.

So to all the anti-Trumpsters out there who believed in those false accusations and for the insurrections against Trump, you owe America an apology:

For the four years America endured with the instigation of two impeachment trials against Trump …

The attack against the high school student, Nick Sandman, who stood his ground on the Lincoln Memorial steps with a smile of confidence on his face supporting Trump, despite the mean and angry disposition of his attacker in his face …

The false accusations by a black TV actor claiming an attack on him by MAGA hat-wearers on a cold and frigid night in Chicago who was supposedly going out for a hoagie …

To Rep. Maxine Waters encouraging Trump adversaries to get in the face of any Trump supporter in a restaurant or on the street.

Again, I ask you, as Sgt. Carter on Gomer Pyle would say, “I can’t hear you,” for that apology you owe America for getting rid of Trump and for the incompetence of Biden.

Because you were so convinced that Trump was incompetent, take a look at your Biden now.

I can’t hear you …

Al Ulus


Are we really pro-life?

The latest fatal shootings at a Buffalo supermarket and Uvalde elementary school should never have happened. Any of those who support anyone in this country’s so-called right to bear arms should be ashamed. No reason or excuse for anyone 18 years of age to be able to buy a military-type assault weapon. We have laws that say no alcohol or tobacco until age 21, right? They should not even be able to sell assault weapons to the public.

Having a gun to protect property and for self-defense is understandable. But the need for greed seems to override common sense. No family should grieve and children or elderly should not lose their lives over stupidity. Why is it so hard to understand that you need stricter gun laws so we don’t have to go through these tragedies again? Conservative news outlets can report when someone is “protesting or rioting” but can’t report when something happens so terrible in our country of so-called freedom? Many say “pro-life” but are silent when lives are being taken by gun violence. Let’s act to fix the gun laws now. We always “offer our thoughts and prayers” until the next sad occurrence happens. Maybe from another angry teenager, a disturbed person or a radical senator who’s upset they lost an election. Think over it.

Carl Williams


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