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If San Francisco can vote to recall its district attorney, why can’t Philly?


By Al Taubenberger

On June 7, the progessive city of San Francisco voted to recall its ultra-progressive district attorney, Chesa Boudin, by a total of 56% to 44%. Everyday citizens in San Francisco have seen an increased number of homicides, gun violence, car thefts and other vicious crimes. The voters took note of all of these issues, and decided to recall their district attorney.

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Philadelphia saw near record highs in homicides in 2020, set an all-time record for homicides in 2021, and is on pace to match that record in 2022. Last year saw an increase in robberies at gunpoint and we’ve already seen carjacking incidents in 2022 more than double the total number from 2021.

A poll published in April from the Pew Charitable Trusts outlined that 70% of Philadelphians see public safety as the most important issue facing the city; and more than half of all Philadelphians do not feel safe in their own neighborhood at night. This is unacceptable, and more must be done.

So why can’t the worried citizens of Philadelphia take the same actions?

Unlike the citizens of San Francisco, the citizens of Philadelphia lack a similar recourse, as under current state law, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has no recall provisions. Additionally, there are no term limits for the district attorney of Philadelphia. This must change.

Our Democratic “leaders” have only contributed to these horrific problems through such policies as defunding our police. Adequately funding the men and women who risk their lives everyday is essential to keeping our community safe. Crime affects everyone, directly and indirectly. Our police not only maintain the viability of our community, but also save lives. A district attorney unwilling to prosecute violent criminals only makes our neighborhoods less safe.

If elected, I would work to amend the Pennsylvania Constitution so the people of Philadelphia have more input to what matters to them and I will work toward the passage of term limits for our district attorney. While we are waiting for a constitutional amendment to work its way through the legislative process, we can take immediate first steps now. I will introduce articles of impeachment for our district attorney, Mr. Larry Krasner. Kevin Boyle, I ask: Will you support the impeachment of Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner? ••

Al Taubenberger is the Republican candidate for the 172nd State House District. He is a lifelong resident of Northeast Philadelphia and founder of the Burholme Civic Association and Town Watch. Previously, he served as an At-Large member of the Philadelphia City Council.

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