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Improvements coming to McIlvain Playground

From left: Aparna Palantino; Joel Medina; Councilwoman Maria Quinones Sanchez; Stephan Brandan, president of the McIlvain Advisory Council; and longtime playground staffers Linda Fagan and Angela Brandan.
Councilwoman Maria Quinones Sanchez (left), Aparna Palantino.

City Councilwoman Maria Quinones Sanchez was at Joseph C. McIlvain Playground, 5200 Penn St., on June 27 to celebrate a $487,957 project of upgrades and renovations.

Sanchez was joined by Aparna Palantino, deputy commissioner of the city Department of Parks and Recreation.

Palantino said McIlvain was “in dire need of improvement.”

Funded by the councilwoman’s budget requests, the improvements include a new basketball court with new rims, backboards and lighting; a revamped playground with new swings, benches, safety surface and equipment; and a new sprayground with a dragonfly motif, to be completed next month.

Sanchez described the neighborhood, near the Frankford Transportation Center, surrounding the playground as young and vibrant.

“We believe in the potential of McIlvain,” she said.

Sanchez, who thanked state Rep. Jason Dawkins and state Sen. Tina Tartaglione for their support, said cameras will be added due to some recent shootings in the area.

The work should be completed by the fall. ••

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